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Telebit acquires Alpitel’s “Digital Services” for around 2 million

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Telebit acquires Alpitel’s “Digital Services” for around 2 million

Alpitel’s “digital services” pass into the hands of Telebit. The company headed by Giacomo Quarta announces the completion of the acquisition for approximately 2 million euros at CorCom . Operation that strengthens the presence on the market as well as skills and certifications. In detail Alpitel’s “Digital Services” business unit merges into Telebit’s “Digital Services” division, company that closed 2022 with 225 million in revenues and boasts over 1,400 employees, 28 offices in Italy and 4 in Brazil.

Accompanying businesses and public administrations in the digital era

The acquisition of Alpitel’s Digital Services branch is part of the Group’s development strategy outlined in the business plan, which envisages the ascent in the value chain of the services provided as a fundamental axis of growth. The Digital Services Division, even more so after this operation, is proposing itself as a reference player for the development of ICT solution design and integration services that accompany businesses and the PA into the digital era”, underlines Giacomo Quarta (left in the photo), CEO of the Telebit group.

Strategies that are good for business and cyber security

Drive growth through skills and certifications

In detail, the acquisition allows you to “further strengthen skills in networking, cybersecurity, IoT and Smart-Xe di consolidate partnerships and certifications with the main vendors in the sector, obtaining among others the Cisco Gold certification – he explains Massimo Nava (on the right in the photo), Head of Digital Services Division of Telebit – Lastly, the market presence is extended, by acquiring, as part of the operation, important contracts with primary customers in the Telco, Media, Public, Utilities and Transportation sectors. The operation, therefore, allows us to accelerate the growth path already started in recent months”.

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