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The 7th Chinese Opera Culture Week: A Resounding Success with 100,000 Visitors and Over 560 Million Views

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The 7th Chinese Opera Culture Week came to a successful conclusion last night (4th) with a grand Chinese Opera Concert. The week-long event saw impressive numbers, with 100,000 on-site visitors and a total of over 560 million views online.

From September 28 to October 4, the event showcased the talent of nearly 50 academies and troupes from all over China. With over 120 performances, 100 lectures and dialogues, and nearly 200 interactive activities, the Beijing Garden Expo became a hub for opera enthusiasts. Notably, the event attracted a younger audience, with the age composition of the attendees becoming more diverse.

Chinese Opera Culture Week gained significant traction on the internet, with video views and reads reaching over 80 million. Additionally, 30 online live broadcasts on various platforms garnered over 20 million clicks. Media coverage of the event extended to 86 countries worldwide, with more than 200 overseas mainstream online media outlets reprinting the news in multiple languages. The Opera Culture Weekly Network alone received over 560 million page views.

Prominent Peking Opera artist Tan Xiao, who has participated in six Opera Culture Weeks, praised the event for its wide reach and positive impact on traditional culture. Tan Xiao believes that the week-long celebration provides a platform for the general public to appreciate and engage with opera.

The Opera Culture Week not only showcased great performances but also fostered exchanges and discussions among experts and scholars. In addition to the artistic performances, the event featured academic forums and paper collection activities, allowing industry professionals to share insights and contribute to the development of opera art.

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The week also aimed to engage fans of all ages, with six participants winning gold medals in the adult and children’s categories of Peking Opera, Pingju Opera, and the Comprehensive Category. The event attracted diverse participants, including children who made up 46% of the total contestants, demonstrating the increasing popularity of opera among young people. Furthermore, the Opera Culture Week incorporated cross-border integration activities to appeal to a younger audience, bringing traditional opera art closer to the youth.

This year’s Opera Culture Week also included an exhibition and trade fair to promote various aspects of the opera industry, such as musical instruments, scripts, and costumes. The event also organized activities like “Viewing the City through Opera” and the Liyuan Market to create a consumption scene with opera characteristics and promote cultural consumption. Exhibitions like the Lequan Erhu Exhibition showcased different types of the traditional musical instrument, aiming to generate interest and appreciation for national musical instruments.

Following the main event, Opera Culture Week will continue to host performances, workshops, and community engagement activities in various venues across Beijing. The event also plans to expand its coverage in the coming years, aiming to encompass all 348 opera types within three to five years.

The successful conclusion of the 7th Chinese Opera Culture Week highlights the growing popularity and appreciation of Chinese opera and its enduring influence on traditional culture.

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