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The Pope asks Hispanic priests in the United States to “not leave those who suffer abandoned”

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The pontiff received today at the Vatican a group of participants in the annual Convention of Hispanic Priests working in the United States and asked them to retain the desire to act against injustice.

And also “in the face of the problems of immigrants, the closure of certain civil and religious authorities, the challenges of interculturality and the complexity of the announcement,” he explained.

Francis then asked them to “not leave those who suffer abandoned, do not leave the Lord of the Tabernacle abandoned.”

He also invited them not to reject the faithful because “the schedule is from such time to such time.”

“Please, first the people, then the schedule. Do not become clerks of the sacred. What is the danger of this culture. Review his dedication to the people, his openness of heart,” she added.

“This is key: cures for the people,” said the pope.

And he also exhorted them to “not have dirty nails, but clean nails, because the nails get dirty when the priest begins to climb,” when he referred to “climbers for this position, for this parish, for this canonry, for this other thing.” ”, warning that in that case “they will be poor priests, who have lost the hope of their life.”

Another piece of advice to religious people was to “not look for blame” when things don’t go well. “This didn’t work because of that one and that one. First, what did I do? Look within yourself to see… the guilt; that is pastoral humility,” he said.

And he hoped that “I hope they plant a lot and I hope they don’t have to take sleeping pills because they arrive very tired at night.”

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