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They capture alleged sexual abuse in Valledupar

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They capture alleged sexual abuse in Valledupar

The National Police in Valledupar captured a 31-year-old man by court order after being accused of sexual crimes.

The operation was carried out on diagonal 21 on Fundación Avenue, at a time when the Tourism Protection and National Heritage Police personnel were carrying out surveillance and control activities of the National Tourism Registry program on commercial establishments, when they approached to citizen Elkin Oviedo, native of Ayapel Córdoba, driver by occupation.

This man had an arrest warrant in force by the seventh municipal criminal court with guarantee control functions of Valledupar for the crime of aggravated violent sexual act, contemplated in article 209 of the Penal Code.

Due to the above, his rights as a prisoner were read to him and he was transferred to the URI facilities in turn, where the measure of deprivation of liberty in a prison facility was ordered.

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