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They capture kidnapper of a minor of twelve years in Yolombo, Antioquia

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They capture kidnapper of a minor of twelve years in Yolombo, Antioquia

The National Police of the department of Antioquia, through the basic criminal investigation unit for children and adolescents, in close coordination with the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, A 51-year-old man responsible for the disappearance of a 12-year-old girl was captured in the last few hours in the Villanueva corregimiento of the Yolombo municipality.

On June 7 of this term, a complaint was received for the disappearance of a minor under twelve years of age. According to the information provided by the family, the girl had been missing since the night of June 5, 2023.

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Given this worrying situation, a thorough investigation was launched. As a result of the proceedings, a search and search procedure was carried out in a property located in the village of Villanueva.

During this due diligence, the minor was found under a bed, gagged and with her hands and feet tied. Immediately, a 51-year-old man was caught in flagrante, who was allegedly the perpetrator of the kidnapping.

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The priority at this time is the well-being and safety of the minor affected. For this reason, The girl was transferred to the municipal hospital in order to verify her state of health and guarantee the restoration of their fundamental rights.

It is unknown if the 51-year-old adult kidnapped the minor with the aim of sexually abusing her or if he only intended to collect a ransom for his freedom. The alleged kidnapper is in custody while the authorities question the minor to find out what she lived through during the days she was in captivity.

This is how they captured 7 people linked to kidnapping and extortion in Medellín

In coordination with the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, the Metropolitan Police of the Aburrá Valley achieved important results against extortion, through which they were left in safe custody of the competent judicial authority to seven people captured by warrant and in flagrante delicto mainly for the crime of kidnapping and extortion.

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Case 1: Millionaire ride and express kidnapping in Medellín

With the participation of one hundred policemen and women from the Unified Action Group for Personal Liberty (GAULA), it was possible to materialize three arrests by court order for the crimes of aggravated kidnapping for extortion and qualified and aggravated robbery.

The investigative process that lasted approximately one year, allowed to establish that These people have been committing crimes for 3 years in the capital of Antioquia and engaged in kidnapping for extortion in the form of express kidnapping and millionaire ride.

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Through appointments through digital platforms and false promises to purchase vehicles, took their victims to a rural area known as Boquerónin the township of San Cristobal, where they held them for more than three hours and intimidated them with firearms, stripped them of their valuables and bank cards in order to clear their accounts.

These operations were carried out in the downtown area of ​​Medellín and in the neighborhoods Campo Valdez and Santa Monica; among those captured is who calls himself 34 year old ‘skinny’ old, demobilized from an organized armed group with interference in western Antioquia, where he committed crimes for more than eight years.

They were also made available to the competent authority at ‘Yesica’ and ‘wilmer’ aged 20 and 27, who belonged to a criminal group and who in their criminal actions managed to collect between 4 and 10 million pesos for each kidnapping.

During the procedure, they seized three cell phones, which were fundamental pieces in the judicial process they are facing.

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Case 2: Extortion at home in Granizal

In another forceful operation against extortion, this time in the Granizal neighborhood of Medellin were captured for the crime of extortion, two men from 28 and 34 years oldat the time they received the sum of 300 thousand pesos, demanded from the victim for problems with other people in the neighborhood.

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According to the investigation process The victim was not authorized to mobilize the vehicle he owned and received threats in order to pressure the delivery of the money demanded. Those captured at the time of receiving said money and noticing that it was not complete tried to attack the victim with a sharp weapon, such as a machete.

Case 3: Extortion to drink water in Bello, Antioquia

In the municipality of Beautiful, Antioquia The arrest was made by court order for the crimes of conspiracy to commit an aggravated crime and aggravated extortion of someone who calls himself ‘Sebas or Sebitas’, 24 years old.

The captured man belongs to a criminal group and was the person in charge of collecting the money from the extortion demands made by these groups to the residents of El Pinar, likewise, it controlled access to the public water service for which he charged weekly between seven thousand pesos ($7,000) and ten thousand pesos ($10,000) per home.

At the time of his capture, some checkbooks, which have a number used to identify each homein order to keep track of the payment of extortion demands.

Case 4: The motorcycle was stolen and they charged him 2 million to return it

Lastly, with the timely complaint to line 165, an in flagrante capture was carried out in the Enciso neighborhood, commune 8 of Medellín, de a 29-year-old man for the crime of extortion, moments in which he received the sum of $2,000,000 pesos in exchange for the return of the motorcycle stolen from the victim on May 24.

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The victim, who works as a home worker, was hired to deliver liquor in the Enciso sector, El Pinal. Upon arriving at the place, he was approached by two people who They intimidate him with a firearm, beat him, steal the product and the motorcycle.

By releasing the victim, he decides to file the complaint at the GAULA Medellín facilities, where he states that received several calls from these criminals where they demanded a sum of money in exchange for returning the motorcycle and the stolen product. GAULA men and women immediately start an operation and organize the delivery of the money demanded.

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Once the place for delivery has been agreed, The uniformed officers capture one of the alleged members of the criminal group in flagrante delictowho at the time of the capture tries to enter his residence, where they find 1 revolver-type firearm, 1 9 mm less lethal firearm, 3,000 grams of marijuana and it is possible to recover the stolen items (20 bottles of liquor and motorcycle).

It is worth mentioning that, so far this year, he Unified Action Group for Personal Liberty (GAULA) Medellín has ccaptured a total of 108 peopleof which 74 for the crime of extroversion, 17 for kidnapping and another 17 for different crimes.

The Metropolitan Police of the Aburrá Valley recommends to the citizens use line 165 to report cases of extortion and kidnappingwhich is enabled 24 hours a day.

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