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Tianjin’s five major night markets open during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday_citizens

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Original title: Tianjin’s five major night markets open during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday

Tasting food, drinking beer, watching competitions… For many citizens, this Dragon Boat Festival holiday is a good opportunity to relax and unwind. During the holidays, there are a total of 5 new night markets in our city to open the streets, providing people with more good places for summer and leisure.

In the Mian 3 creative block of Hedong District, the football-themed “Mian 3 Jin Chao Stadium Night Market” was launched on June 12, coincidentally with the opening of the European Cup. The public can not only watch exciting games here, but also have the opportunity to listen to famous football stars Talk about the ball on the spot. In addition, children’s football performances, beach football and other events are also taking turns to make the holiday night extra lively. “Drinking beer and watching football with friends, it feels pretty good, like this in summer!” said a customer.

The weather is hot, and the night consumption is hot. In addition to Cotton 3, Water Drop Night Market, Tiantuo Night Market, You Ao Lai Large-scale Water Chongguan·Night Market Carnival, and Noord Square Jinmen Old Street Night Market Carnival have all appeared. At the same time, the existing Laomenkou night market and Yaocun night market are also crowded with people, and one is hard to find during peak hours. Luneng City Shopping Center uses the Sunken Square Street Garden to create a “Sleepless City”, which adds comfort and romance to summer nights.

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During the holidays, in addition to the popular night market, major supermarkets also have constant activities. A shopping mall in Hexi District played an “experience card” on the basis of various product promotions. The parent-child activities of making zongzi on the spot attracted the participation of many families; a large supermarket chain launched a full discount coupon for zongzi and other commodities online, which was consumed by consumers. Welcome.

Citizen Ms. Li went to a shopping mall in Hexi District on the weekend to choose summer clothes for her children. The discount activities made her quite satisfied: “It just happens to have time to go out during the holiday. There are discounts for two clothes, very suitable!”

The reporter learned that as the Haihe International Consumer Season approaches, the “616 Tianjin Shopping Festival” and the second nightlife festival will begin one after another. Major commercial entities and e-commerce platforms will launch a series of activities. By then, citizens can Enjoy multiple forms of consumer discounts online and offline.Return to Sohu to see more


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