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Unesco Reserve of Monte Grappa: a year of activities aimed at tourism

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Unesco Reserve of Monte Grappa: a year of activities aimed at tourism

“We hope that this day will give the opportunity to many people to take home seeds and knowledge such as to be able to become self-producers and custodians of biodiversity, also having the possibility of always having technicians and experts available to receive advice and solutions for cultivating gardens in the best possible way or fields “. The association Cultivating sharing re-proposes in collaboration with the Pro loco of Seren and the association Naturally Valle di Seren the day of “Call to harvest” dedicated to biodiversity, sharing and healthy cultivation.

Appointment on Sunday 20 in the sports facilities of Rasai, where the main associations, groups and realities of seed rescuers from half of Italy will show, exchange and donate their seeds to all those who undertake to cultivate and reproduce them.

There will be many varieties of ancient, reproducible and viable seeds of beans, corn, tomatoes, cereals, flowers, potatoes, peppers, vegetables and many other types of rare and typical seeds. The initiative has grown over the years, becoming one of the main in Italy and beyond, both in terms of the number of participants and exhibitors. The aim is to show how substantial and important biodiversity is.

“Together with the seeds, knowledge, knowledge, experience and useful advice will also be donated to get the best out of these varieties of remarkable resistance and ability to adapt even to climate change”, explain the spokespersons of Coltivendo sharing. The association has been dedicating itself to this mission for fourteen years now with encouraging results, given that in addition to many supporters and sympathizers, it has seen the birth of real supply chains based on local cultivated biodiversity such as Naturally Valle di Seren and Retecontadina.

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In Rasai on 20 November there will be not only seeds, but also various stalls of producers and artisans that will create a healthy and sustainable “market for the Earth and biodiversity”. There will also be space for shows for children and adults, for music and moments of dialogue and comparison.

The Pro loco di Seren has prepared a vegetarian menu created with organic and natural local products, combined in the best way.

This year, “Call to Harvest” will also have an anticipation. On Saturday 19th at 4 pm at the ethnographic museum of Seravella in Cesiomaggiore a conference will be held with speakers of international standing. After an introduction by Teodoro Margarita, geneticist Salvatore Ceccarelli will speak about the importance of biodiversity and how the “new GMOs” are its negation. Biologist expert in molecular genetics Daniela Conti will give the technical and scientific information to understand why new and old GMOs are dangerous and doomed to fail. Finally, the researcher and international consultant for plant improvement Stefania Grando will talk about the importance of biodiversity for our health and that of the planet.

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