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Vladimir Putin said Russia prefers Joe Biden over Donald Trump because he is “more experienced and predictable”

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Vladimir Putin said Russia prefers Joe Biden over Donald Trump because he is “more experienced and predictable”

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in a recent interview that he would prefer to see Joe Biden win a second term as U.S. president, as he believes he is more experienced and predictable than Donald Trump. This was the first time Putin has publicly commented on the upcoming U.S. presidential election, which is expected to see Biden facing off against Trump.

In an interview with a Russian state television journalist, Putin acknowledged that Russia will work with whomever the American people trust, but expressed a preference for Biden’s victory from Russia’s perspective. He stated, “Biden is more experienced, he is more predictable, he is an old-school politician.”

The Russian president’s comments come as tensions are rising between Republicans and Democrats over Biden’s attempts to provide more military aid to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Trump’s recent statements questioning U.S. funding for Ukraine and expressing a desire to shake up the NATO alliance could potentially work in Putin’s favor.

When asked about speculation surrounding Biden’s health problems, Putin declined to comment, stating, “I am not a doctor and I do not consider it appropriate to comment on that.” However, he did express that he considered the Biden administration’s policies to be flawed and wrong.

Ties between Russia and the West have deteriorated significantly, with Putin defending Russia’s actions in Ukraine by stating that Moscow was forced to act to protect Russian speakers in the region and prevent a supposed threat to Russia’s security. He also acknowledged that the 2015 deal to give more powers to separatist territories in eastern Ukraine was not honored by Ukraine and its allies, resulting in Moscow-backed separatists launching a rebellion in 2014.

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In response to Trump’s recent comments about allowing Russia to do whatever it wanted to NATO countries that do not meet their defense spending commitments, Putin stated that it is up to the United States to determine its role in the alliance. Meanwhile, White House spokesman Andrew Bates condemned Trump’s remarks, calling them “appalling and unhinged.”

During the interview, Putin also expressed his expectation for a more aggressive line of questioning from former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, whom he spoke with recently. He stated that he was prepared to respond harshly to difficult questions but did not get the opportunity to do so.

It is clear that Putin’s comments reflect Russia’s preference for a Biden victory in the upcoming U.S. presidential election, despite the strained relations between the two countries..websocket.scaler.plugin=chatbot

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