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Water Defenders Clubs are created in Río Iró and San José del Palmar

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Water Defenders Clubs are created in Río Iró and San José del Palmar

Aguas del Chocó launched the Water Defenders Clubs in the municipalities of Río Iró and San José del Palmar, as well as the Student Social Service

The Defenders of Water Clubs, CDA, have the mission of developing educational actions that are focused on the preservation, care and protection of water, to implement actions that impact the educational community, thus making them sentinels of the management and care of water resources.

The Student Social Service is a training mechanism that Basic Secondary students must carry out in application of the knowledge acquired throughout the educational process and in pursuit of social and community development.

For this reason, the Aguas del Chocó Company, within the framework of Law 115 “General Law of Education” has been conducting training and workshops in the educational institutions of the department, in order to encourage the educational community, teachers and families to learn and assume responsibly care for natural resources and their proper use.

Through the Social Management Area, the opening of this strategy was carried out in the municipalities of Iró and San José del Palmar, territorial entities where the departmental entity is present with works such as the optimization of the aqueduct in the first, and in the second the construction of the sanitary landfill and the acquisition of the solid waste collection truck are underway

Yirley Camila Córdoba González Social Worker of Aguas del Chocó attached to the Social Management Area who traveled to both municipalities, had the collaboration of the rector Lilian Sánchez of the Jesús Antonio Rivas educational institution, as well as the social worker Yurledys Ramírez, and the manager of the Aguas del Iró company, Wilman Perea, who pledged to support the project, which delivered kits containing diaries, bottles, antibacterial gel, and key chains to third grade, tenth and eleventh grade children.

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Meanwhile, in the municipality of San José del Palmar, at the San José educational institution, kits were given to 47 third grade students, which contained a notebook, a pencil case, an eraser, pencils, a pencil sharpener, a primer, a ruler, a box of colors and the primer the tale of water a board and a banner

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