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Water floods parks in Kyiv – photos and video

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Water floods parks in Kyiv – photos and video

This year, flooding of a number of territories occurred in Ukraine due to “high water”. In the coming days, flooding of floodplains and low-lying areas will continue in several regions.


In particular, during the last day, the water level in the Dnipro within Kyiv increased by an additional 8 centimeters. As a result of the phenomenon, some parks of the capital were flooded, the Kyiv City Military Administration reported.

It is noted that as of April 24, the water level is 644 cm above the “0” mark of the post. The water temperature is +12 degrees. But the level of danger of hydrological phenomena is I (yellow).

It is reported that the water reached Muromets Park. And the Hydropark has completely gone under water.

However, at the moment, Kyiv’s hydroelectricity does not pose a threat, KMVA emphasizes. No emergency flooding was recorded in the city. Industrial facilities and residential areas of the city are out of danger.

It should be noted that last year the watering took place on April 17. Then many territories were flooded with water. In Kyiv, Hydropark, Obolonskaya Embankment and Muromets Park were flooded.

We will remind, earlier in “Ukrenergo” it was not ruled out that at the end of April – at the beginning of May even more significant precipitation is expected in Ukraine, which could cause a second wave of water harvesting.


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