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What are the most registered biblical names by Colombians?

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What are the most registered biblical names by Colombians?

Pedro, Lazarus, Adam, Magdalena, head the list of the most used biblical names.

This time of reflection and conversion for the Catholic world, has several scenarios that are commemorated throughout the week, an example of this, today the liturgy is carried out in honor of the last supper of Jesus and the lavatory from the feet.

However, Holy Week not only represents prayer, Eucharists, processions or walks as many take it, it is also the opportunity to consider a name for those neonates who have not yet been defined and who will soon be part of this planet called earth, today we tell you about those names that throughout biblical history have had greater relevance for Colombians and that in turn have been registered for their children.

The National Registry of Civil Status revealed how many Colombians have been registered with biblical names to date. Leading the list are María with 4,349,030 records and Juan with 1,430,989, followed by Isabel (573,204), Miguel (509,831), Jesús (488,358), Gabriel (214,210), Mateo (42,957) and Abel (34,507).

Compound names

On the other hand, Miguel is the male name most used as a compound name, with 484,505 records, followed by Jesus with 467,636, Peter with 264,026 and Paul with 257,858.

The most used feminine compound names in Colombia are: Isabel with 538,592, Sara with 57,542 registrations, Raquel with 31,141 and Magdalena with 23,070 registered persons.

Within this list are unusual names such as Lazarus (4614), Adam (4066), Jonah (2076), Zacharias (836) and Aaron (143).

The national director of civil registration, Rodrigo Pérez Monroy, explained that the definition of the name of the people is voluntary or optional and, in the case of minors, it is the decision of their parents.

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Within this list are unusual names such as Lazarus (4614), Adam (4066), Jonah (2076), Zacharias (836) and Aaron (143).

“We see that these names are within our Colombian costumbrismo. Costumbrismo that to a large extent is close to the religious feeling. In this sense, moms and dads find attractiveness in biblical names to register their sons or daughters. For example, with names like María, Juan, Pedro, Jonás, among others, ”she pointed out.

María and Juan are the biblical names most used by Colombians when registering their children, followed by Isabel, Miguel and Jesús.

Who were some of them?

María: We all know her as the mother of Jesus, the messiah, the savior, she was a native of a town called Nazareth, she married Joseph, who was a descendant of King David, according to history she conceived Jesus without bodily contact through the Holy Spirit, preserving his divinity and chastity.

Joaquin: He was the husband of Ana and the father of Mary, mother of Jesus, according to the Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican tradition. The story of Joaquin and Ana first appeared in the apocryphal Gospel of James. On July 26, his festival takes place.

Miguel: according to Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions, he is an archangel and chief of God’s armies. For Christians, he is the protector of the Church and considered the advocate of God’s chosen people. The Catholic Church considers him as patron and protector of the universal Church.

Juan: According to countless texts, he was one of the most outstanding disciples of Jesus, the one he loved the most, is linked to the history of salvation, and at the time of Jesus’ death on the cross, he was mentioned as the ‘ adoptive son of Maria’.

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Lazarus: He was the brother of Mary and Martha, therefore the uncle of Jesus, he lived in Bethany on the outskirts of Jerusalem, according to the gospel of Saint John he was revived by Jesus, from there his name is used as a synonym for resurrection.

Jonas: In Latin it means dove, he was a prophet, according to history this man committed a great affront against God, for which he was swallowed by a whale, he spent three days and three nights there, until he promised God to pay his promises and the enormous fish threw up.

Adam: according to religious history, he was the first man created by God from the dust coming from the Earth in his likeness, it is also said that the woman was created from one of his ribs.

Isabel: She was the wife of Zacharias, cousin of Mary, very faithful to God’s designs, she conceived John the Baptist despite the fact that she and her husband were considered sterile, the announcement was made by the Archangel Gabriel.

Aaron: His greatest work is narrated in the book of Exodus, he was the older brother of Moses, together with his brother he led the people of Israel out of Egypt, he was also a translator and spokesman between Pharaoh and the Hebrew people.

Jesus: Well, we already know a lot about him, history indicates that he is the son of God, the savior, the messiah, he lived in Galilee and Judea, he was crucified in Jerusalem. He is the central and paramount figure of Christianity.

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