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“Wheeled benches are a postcard from the past”: M5s against Bianchi’s words

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The wheeled benches are back, albeit in words, and there is controversy in the government. The Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi calls them “a postcard from the past” and the M5S member of the executive invites him to “rectify his words”, as stated by Undersecretary Floridia. Even the head of delegation of the pentastellati and minister for agricultural policies, Stefano Patuanelli, takes the lead to defend the former minister Azzolina and invites Bianchi not to “follow the populists because the choice of those benches was of the principals, not of the minister”.

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“I do not do fake news, nor am I chasing anyone”, is the reply of Bianchi, who the former holder of the Department of Education had wanted to head the task force to manage the reopening of schools. Meanwhile, the school has resumed today in five other regions, Campania, Liguria, Marche, Molise and Tuscany but there are difficulties both for the protests of the ‘anti-pass’ staff, and for the infections that begin to bring the first classes in dad .

To avoid a massive return to distance learning, there is already talk of the possibility that the rules on the subject of quarantine for students will change, along the lines of what is happening in Germany and Great Britain in which a reflection has been launched precisely on determination of quarantines to maintain teaching in the presence. Minister Bianchi, citing what is happening in Bolzano, speaks of ‘proof of risk’ and aims to extend salivary swabs beyond the ‘sentinel schools’.

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Meanwhile in Savona, today, on the first day the bell rang, a comprehensive school remained closed due to the lack of staff on strike: teachers and Ata staff in fact expressed their opposition to the green pass obligation for the entire school staff and, together with some health workers, gathered in front of the Provincial building. Also in the Savona area, due to the participation in the strike against the green pass of a teacher, the pupils of a class 5 were sent home. And despite the assurances of the Minister of Education that the year will be in attendance, that the dad we met her has been archived and that the closures will be ‘surgical’, the first news of quarantined classes and the activation of the distance lessons. It happens, on the second day of school, in a class in the Modena area, at the Vignola middle school and the problem concerns a first one. Even in southern Sardinia an entire class of Ussana primary school is already in quarantine on the second day of school due to a child who could be positive. In South Tyrol, where the school year began on September 6, some classes are in Dad for cases of positivity among pupils or teachers. “In Bolzano we did ‘the risk test’, the experiment was triggered and the system worked: the positives were isolated and there were no more situations from last year, when everything was closed”, explains Minister Bianchi . The Anief union, which today made its members go on strike in the regions where it started on the first day of school, is resolute: “We denounced it, the green pass is useless, until classes are split, the return to presence will be unsafe and unsustainable in the absence of compliance with the rules on distances. “Precisely to avoid dad and quarantines as much as possible, Minister Bianchi accelerates the salivary swabs that even today have crossed the thresholds of schools as part of the ministerial project of ‘schools sentinel ‘. “We will go to phase 2 – assures Bianchi – that of tracing: we have moved on to salivary, with the molecular verification, which gives a result with an accuracy that reaches 99.9%. Now the control is random but it will become widespread “.

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