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With an emergency plan they will stop dengue in Huila

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With an emergency plan they will stop dengue in Huila

Due to the increase in cases, 8 municipalities are experiencing an outbreak and 2 more are on alert for this and through an emergency plan to stop the dengue outbreak, departmental behaviors and actions were standardized to stop the action of the virus transmitted through the bite of mosquitoes.

Newspaper of Huila, Huila
By: Alejandro Polanco

The National Institute of Health and Superhealth, Ministry of Health and Social Protection, and COTSA, Territorial Council of Environmental Health, who guide intersectoral actions to ensure that dengue is effectively controlled by all institutions and territorial entities through the execution of campaigns preventive and educational from each of these entities.

It is worth remembering that dengue is an acute disease that can affect people of any age, especially children and the elderly, caused by a virus transmitted through the bite of infected mosquitoes. Dengue mosquitoes occur in urban areas with altitudes below 2,200 meters above sea level, they lay their eggs in clean water deposits such as swimming pools, vases of aquatic plants, tires, buckets of water and any container that is outdoors. and that it can store water.

The constant review of tanks and their washing is key

Epidemiological patterns of dengue in the department.

In the department of Huila, 1,328 cases of dengue have been registered, so far this year, of which 419 have warning signs and 47 have been considered serious; 325 of these cases required inpatient care and a further 47 required intensive care.

The application of hatchery control measures, such as washing pools and holding tanks, frequent water changes in vases and animal drinkers, and the elimination of unnecessary containers that collect clean water, will help to reduce the number of cases. .

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Fever, bone pain and headache, joint pain, loss of appetite and pain behind the eyes. There are some symptoms that are alarming, such as major weakness, persistent fever, bleeding gums, bleeding in the urine, bruises on the skin and persistent abdominal pain.

Given this, it is very important not to self-medicate, go to the doctor immediately so that you receive the necessary attention. Complications and the risk of death are preventable, if treated early.

“It is important to be attentive to cases with alarm signs because in that period clinical deterioration can occur with attention in the Intensive Care Unit,” said Paola Garzón, a support doctor in the Vector-Transmitted Diseases program of the Ministry of Health. from the Department. She added that parents should avoid self-medication as it can increase the risk of complications in this type of patient. The correct thing is to attend the medical service immediately.

To prevent dengue, water tanks that serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes should be avoided in order to reduce their reproduction. For this you must:

Frequently change the water in animal drinkers and vases.
Cover the containers with water, eliminate accumulated garbage in patios and outdoor areas, eliminate tires or storage in closed places.
Use repellents on uncovered areas of the body Wear appropriate clothing, long-sleeved shirts and long pants Use mosquito nets or nets on beds, especially when there are sick patients to prevent them from infecting new mosquitoes or in places where children sleep.
Wash and brush tanks and pools. Drill tires located in playgrounds that may contain stagnant water in episodes of rain.
Fill disused septic tanks, drains and abandoned latrines with soil.
Collect garbage and solid waste in vacant properties and lots, keep the yard clean and participate in community days to collect waste with community and intersectoral activities.

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In what includes the Huilense capital, the Municipal Administration through the Ministry of Health, so far in 2023 has advanced campaigns to reach the places where dengue outbreaks occur the most, fumigating and installing awnings for children, women pregnant women and the elderly, who are the most vulnerable.

In addition to the acts to eradicate disease, educational talks will also be held on the correct washing of swimming pools to avoid breeding sites for the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is responsible for transmitting dengue.

So, then, it is important to join efforts to put a stop to this contingency from which it is only possible to emerge through civic culture and the contribution of each inhabitant of the department is simple actions such as reviewing the facilities of your home and going appropriately to the centers of health. All against dengue!

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