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5 spring blooms in the mountains to go and admire

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5 spring blooms in the mountains to go and admire

The snow melts, the sun’s rays warm the earth and nature awakens. The show of spring blossoms in the mountains in the Alps it is amazing.

5 spring blooms in the mountains to go and admire

Ecco 5 proposals to fill the eyes with color and to marvel at the show that every year (for thousands of years) has been staged in places that are still authentic and uncontaminated


And sea ​​of ​​crocuses and the spectacular view of the Grossglockner mountain massif in the Hohe Tauern National Park: the scenography is like that of a film. This Tyrolean valley is the gateway to His Majesty Grossglockner: from here the ascents to the highest mountain in Austria begin. And here spring is able to brush this fortunate south-facing valley with the colors of the flowers. Crocuses in spring look like a soft carpet at the foot of the majestic mountain: an incredible contrast to the austere and solemn peak of the Grossglockner with the delicacy of the crocus, which according to legends preserves fertility. Tradition has it that the stamens are scattered on the wedding bed as a good omen. In April, when the last snowfields disappear from the alpine meadows, the crocuses in bloom spread and herald the warm season. The Grossglockner, which rises up behind the head of the valley, watches over everything. You can walk towards the Lucknerhütte and follow the family education trail Glocknerspur – BergeDenken. Various information stations along the way not only provide an insight into the flowers, plants and animals that inhabit the Hohe Tauern National Park, but also explain the history of climbing on the Grossglockner. The trail has been open since about mid-May, depending on the amount of snow on the ground.

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Fascinating panoramic “balcony” on the Dolomites, reachable in less than 12 minutes from Bolzano by cable car, the Renon plateau is a real treasure trove of natural beauty just a stone’s throw from the city, perfect for a holiday dedicated to physical activity in the open air, relaxation, walks in nature and the rediscovery of simplicity and of slow rhythms. Just what you need for a spring “restart”, the right opportunity to regain energy, good humor and the desire to reconnect with the environment by rediscovering our green soul. Here on the plateau, the blooms are something very special: as soon as the snow melts, delicate snowdrops and crocuses bloom, while the heather awakens and the walnut trees begin to bear fruit; from April onwards, when the sun warms the meadows and the air is still crisp, daffodils, violets, willow “cats” and almond trees appear, while immediately after Easter, from mid-April, there is a riot of primroses, dandelions, forget-me-nots, and cherry and apple blossoms; between May and June the plateau becomes an immense carpet of flowers with the arrival of elderberry, alpine rose (from 1,500m) and lime trees, chestnut trees and vines (in the lower areas, towards Signato) in all their splendour.

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In the territory of San Vigilio di Marebbe, in Val Badia, there are the ideal conditions, altitude and exposure, to discover all the mountain flowers. Here there are some places where, from spring to late summer, a surprising variety of colors alternate in the meadows. A feast for the eyes and for the spirit!
From the beginning of March many small buds, still numb from the snow, peek out in the sunniest meadows. The absolute first are the snowdrops, closely followed, gradually, by crocuses, coltsfoot and primroses. A colorful expanse that changes until the beginning of September. Among the most beautiful walks is the one that goes from San Vigilio to Pederù, at the foot of the Fanes Sennes Braies Natural Park. Halfway along the path you reach Plan Pecei and, shortly after, the meadow of Tamersc, two exciting expanses of luxuriance. Equally surprising are the colorful landscapes that open up to the view along the paths bordering the Puez Odle Natural Park. Whether starting from Antermoia or from Lungiarü, just follow the indicated routes to get lost in the sweet awakening of spring. A s’odëi… (Goodbye)

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in Kufsteinerland, the hellebore paints the landscape white and pink, making the woods and meadows a fairy-tale setting: it is the symbol of spring, as it is among the flowers that bloom first, even before the crocuses. They bloom in groups of 2-3 pendulous and beautiful flowers, at first they are white and then fade to pink at the end of their flowering. Walking on paths surrounded by hundreds of hellebores is an unforgettable emotion: each flower makes the corner where it is located an enchanting place. Everyone deserves attention, a photo, a look: beauty emerges from the snow.
The Kaisergebirge mountain range in Kufsteinerland is mostly limestone and the hellebore prefers soils of this kind: for this reason the best walks to admire this flowering are in this splendid Tyrolean region, which can also be easily reached by train. Among the most beautiful and flowery excursions there is precisely the one dedicated to this flower: it is called “the hellebore path” and part within walking distance of the city centre; the itinerary is easy and suitable for everyone, it starts from the valley station of the chairlift and climbs gently towards the Duxeralm hut, covering three and a half kilometers of beauty, immersed in woods and meadows embellished with abundant flowering. The tourist office organizes several times a week guided hikes of all levels of difficulty to get to know the Kufsteinerland: Until the beginning of May, these beautiful masterpieces of nature make walking even more enjoyable.

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Not only apple orchards, whose delicate white and pink flowers give the city wonderful views: Bolzano in spring is a veritable palette of colours! On the slopes that embrace the city, buds blossom, vines sprout and magnolias blossom. In the 130 hectares of public greenery, distributed along the historical promenades of Guncina and Sant’Osvaldo, in the 52 parks, in the 2500 m2 of flowerbeds in the city squares and in the traffic islands, the wonderful flowers and various Mediterranean plants become real urban” and it is a pleasure to walk in the midst of so much splendour. Not only. The sowing of flowery meadows and the creation of flowerbeds with perennial herbaceous plants in all areas of the city help to supply large quantities of nectar and pollen to bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects, thus safeguarding the environment and urban biodiversity. Rose, Lantana, Heliopsis, Salvia farinacea, Leucanthemum, Gaillardia, Heliotropium, Dahlia, Delphinium, Scaevola, Capsicum, Thymus, Bidens ferulifolia flair, Bidens spicy fire, Ocimum basilicum, Capsicum annum cayenetta, Capsicum annum “tongue of fire”, Rosmarinus officinalis prostratus, Salvia farinacea, Pelargonium: the creation of green areas with the sowing of mixed flowerings in which perennials and spring flowering plants mix with summer and autumn flowering plants creates a spectacular ornamental effect, a harmonic confusion that delights the eyes and the heart. Not to be missed is “Bolzano In Fiore Arte/Kunstgarten Bozen”, an exhibition that for 10 days (on weekends from 14/4 to 1/5, the last of which closes with the famous “Festa dei fiori”) invites you to rediscover the most beautiful corners of the South Tyrolean capital through paths between nature and art, culture and tradition.

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