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A sedentary lifestyle, a social issue: “30% of children do not play sports due to economic difficulties

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The European House Ambrosetti conference in Rome was attended by top Italian sports leaders. Even big events like the Giro d’Italia to get the country moving

Valerio Piccioni

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Sedentary lifestyle is also a social issue. The Valore Sport Observatory Forum that took place today in Rome highlights a fact: Italian children do not move and hold the sad record of “inadequate physical activity”. But it’s not just the problem of the systems that keeps people at home. There is also another story: lack of resources. “In Italy – reads the study presented at the Olympic stadium by The European House Ambrosetti – on average 10 percent of citizens do not play sports due to too high a cost, 47.9 percent of health workers are in a condition of high economic vulnerability and 30% of children do not play sports due to the economic situation of the families”.

targeted policies are needed

Numbers that should make you think. And reflecting today were the top managers of Italian sport, from Giovanni Malagò’s Coni to Luca Pancalli’s Cip to Vito Cozzoli’s Sport and Health. They had their say while listening to the proposals summarized by Valerio De Molli, managing partner & CEO of The European House Ambrosetti. Who spoke of the need for a long-term vision called “2050 – Italy in Movement” and which could lead “with policies aimed at halving the phenomenon of sedentary lifestyle in the next 30 years with cumulative savings in health care costs in the period 2022-2050 of 32.5 billion”.

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the big events

The afternoon session was also dedicated to the “repercussions of major sporting events on the territories”. In the morning, the councilor for sport, tourism and major events of Rome Capital, Alessandro Onorato, also spoke about it. And precisely the arrival of the Giro d’Italia 2023 in the capital, the appointment is set for May 28, was mentioned in the afternoon in the panel conducted by the deputy director of the Gazzetta, Pier Bergonzi. Who also questioned Paolo Bellino, managing director of RCS Sport and Francesco Carione, general manager of the Gazzetta.

the tour example

The first mentioned the large numbers of the Giro d’Italia that could have, everything is ready for monitoring the event, something like 600 million in economic induced. “But thinking about how France exploits the Tour de France, we see that we have something to learn…”. Francesco Carione insisted on the union between the great event and its promotional effect, speaking of the Trento Festival but also of the success of the Gazzetta Sport Days in Sicily. Finally Antonella Palmisano, the Tokyo 20 km Olympic champion, who provided a testimony that was anything but trivial: “I went to school and I realized that there are many kids who don’t know what walking is in sport. There’s still a lot to do.”

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