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Beijing media talk about the controversy over Guoan’s victory over Henan: Shunich didn’t get a red card, it’s strange that the fans in the world should be a family – yqqlm

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Beijing media talk about the controversy over Guoan’s victory over Henan: Shunich didn’t get a red card, it’s strange that the fans in the world should be a family – yqqlm

Original title: Beijing media talk about the controversy over Guoan’s victory over Henan: Shunich did not receive a red card, it is strange that the fans in the world should be a family

Beijing time on May 10th news, last night BRTV Sports and Leisure Channel broadcast the latest episode of “Football 100 Points”. This episode invited Beijing Youth Daily reporter Xiao Nan and former Guoan player Wang Changqing. Wei Yidong discussed Guoan’s 1-0 victory over the Henan team in the last round, and the Beijing-Tianjin Derby in the sixth round of the Chinese Super League.

In the last round of the game, the Henan team’s foreign aid Shunich committed a foul by pushing Fang Hao’s neck. After the game, the Football Association suspended him for 5 games and fined him 50,000. I don’t understand two things. One is that the referee on duty didn’t show a red card on the spot. There are disagreements on whether it is a violent act.”

Xiao Nan, a reporter from Beiqing Daily, replied: “At least I haven’t heard about it from the association, because the case had already been filed at that time. As long as the person who files the case is likely to be punished, the reason why the case was filed is because of this foul. It has a relatively large impact in the industry, and in fact, this action also constitutes a determination of violence, and the evidence presented is irrefutable.”

Regarding the phenomenon that the Yulinjun fans were besieged in the stands until late at night after Guoan’s away game in Henan, Xiao Nan said: “Fans all over the world should be one family, and they should not step down others and elevate themselves. They should be based on the perspective of jointly safeguarding the interests of our league. Let’s start, there can be disputes, but don’t rise to malicious attacks.”

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When commenting on the match between Guoan and the Henan team, the host Wei Yidong said that it was very difficult for Guoan to win. Wang Changqing said: “The first few games were the worst start in history, and the pressure was very high, but Guoan is a team that is more united under greater pressure. Although there are many difficulties, including the content on the field, the opponent may be better than us, but it is this kind of unity that has contributed to such a good result.” Xiao Nan said: “The pressure on Guoan began in the game against Qingdao. The game, I don’t know why I lost that game so far. Guoan played very awkwardly, but now it’s not that Guoan has overcome the difficulties because of a victory. It’s a situation, not a situation where you have to work hard during the season.”

In this program, the host Wei Yidong also conducted an exclusive interview with Yang Liyu. When talking about the wonderful goal against the Henan team, Yang Liyu said: “When Li Ke passed it to Wang Gang, I waited for Wang Gang to pass it to me.” It’s an inverted triangle, and sometimes I can grasp this kind of ball when I’m training, just before the game, my shooting feels pretty good, so I grasped it.”

When talking about the mood after scoring, Yang Liyu said: “It must be happy. I helped the team take the lead in the away game. I was also very happy after the end. I finally won my first victory after such a long time.” When the goal was scored, Yang Liyu said: “I was going to press and force them to kick the ball. The opponent originally passed the ball to Li Yang. Li Yang missed it and the ball went to Liu Dianzuo. I think he might Didn’t he make a mistake. I know them too well. I was joking before that game. It was a team game for me.”

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When scoring his performance, Yang Liyu said: “7.5, I don’t think I have met my expectations for myself.” When talking about his position in the Guoan team, Yang Liyu said: “Actually, it depends on the coach’s tactics for me. Deployment, if he needs me to play in the center, then I can also fulfill his request by going forward, I am definitely more comfortable playing on the side, but if the team needs me in the middle, I can also do it.”

When talking about the cooperation with his striker partner Zhang Yuning, Yang Liyu said: “We have also cooperated before, and they complement each other very well. He can return and I can go forward. Playing double forwards, we must be close, but we have not yet arrived. The best form, after all, I haven’t played with him for so many years, it still needs time to get used to it.”

When talking about his perception of the Guoan team, Yang Liyu said: “The Guoan team must have always been a strong team. After playing from the Guangzhou team last year, I definitely want to go to a strong team that can compete for the championship. “Talking about the reasons for Guoan’s unsatisfactory start, Yang Liyu replied: “I think during our winter training, with foreign aid and new domestic aid, we haven’t gotten along well together yet. Take your time, there are still 25 rounds to go.”

When asked about the biggest change from his debut in Tianjin to the present, Yang Liyu said: “It is from the kind of teenager who was nervous when he stepped on the court, and now he will not be nervous before going on the court. He will only enjoy the process of the game.”

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When talking about the feeling of playing in Xingongti, Yang Liyu said: “When I set foot on Xingongti for the first time on behalf of Guoan, the first feeling was excitement. It was really great to have so many fans cheering for Guoan. Happy, feeling uplifted.”

When talking about the upcoming Beijing-Tianjin Derby, Xiao Nan said: “Tianjin is here for 3 points, and they also have the confidence, especially in the last round they almost won Haigang, this Jinmen tiger is not that Jinmen tiger , His lineup has been upgraded.” Wang Changqing said: “The Tianjin team we are familiar with is back. In the past few years, the Tianjin team may have gone downhill, but in the past three years, through the run-in after Director Yu took office, although We are at home, but the game is really not easy to play.”

As for how to limit opponents, Wang Changqing said: “It’s more about control. Partial defense and overall defense are mainly based on me. We only scored one goal at home, and it was a penalty kick. We still have to Play better passing and cutting cooperation, form the momentum at home, and reward the fans with goals.”

Xiao Nan said: “Don’t let the opponent take advantage of our pressure. We haven’t won at home to this day. This pressure is a relatively big pressure for the Guoan team. Any tactics we talk about are hype, so we should implement them. , to achieve its effect, the Guoan team still has to let go of the burden first, and turn the pressure into motivation.” (DD)Return to Sohu to see more

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