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Bundesliga-Teer scored De Ligt to send points to Bayern 2-2 encounter three consecutive draws – yqqlm

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Bundesliga-Teer scored De Ligt to send points to Bayern 2-2 encounter three consecutive draws – yqqlm

Original title: Bundesliga-Tell scored De Ligt to send points to Bayern 2-2 encounter three consecutive draws

At 21:30 on the evening of September 10th, Beijing time, the sixth round of the Bundesliga started. Bayern faced Stuttgart at home. In the 36th minute, Bayern teenager Terr opened the scoring, and in the 56th minute, Alfonso Davies played in the backcourt Broken, Frisch equalized the score for Stuttgart. In the 60th minute, Musiala scored a spiritual volley. In the 89th minute, De Ligt sent a point, and Gilasi scored a point. In the end, Bayern was forced by Stuttgart 2-2 at home. After 3 consecutive draws in the league, the current score is only 12 points after 6 rounds.

In this game, Bayern enabled 17-year-old teenager Terr as the starter, who also became the youngest starter in Bayern’s history at the age of 17 years and 136 days.

In the 3rd minute, someone on the field received a yellow card. During a defensive process, Sosa brought down Mazrawi with a fierce sliding tackle, and then showed a yellow card. In the 17th minute, Kimmich took a slightly higher set-piece. out the beam.

In the 24th minute, Stuttgart took a set-piece from the frontcourt, but the teammate at the first point failed to reach it. Sosa’s cross was passively turned into a shot, and the ball went out slightly wide of the left goal. In the 29th minute, Mazrawi made a cross from the right to the penalty area. Terr’s close-range shot in front of the goal was saved by Stuttgart goalkeeper F-Mueller, and then Gnabry’s second shot was blocked again.

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In the 32nd minute, Kimmich tried a long shot from the middle of the frontcourt, and the ball was far above the goal.In the 36th minute, Bayern made a long pass from the backcourt. Alfonso Davis spiritually smashed the ball past the defender and then reached the left baseline. Then the inverted triangle passed back to the middle of the penalty area. It becomes 1-0! Ter also became the youngest Bundesliga scorer in Bayern’s history.

In the 42nd minute, Gilasi gave a through ball to the left side of the penalty area, and Thiago Thomas’ low shot hit the goal and was saved.

At the end of the half, Bayern entered halftime with a score of 1-0.

In the 51st minute, Kimmich dribbled the ball in the penalty area and was stolen by Calazo, who then crossed in front of the goal, and Gilasi pushed the empty goal and succeeded. However, after seeing VAR, the referee signaled that Carazzo fouled Kimmich in the steal, and the goal was blown away.

In the 53rd minute, Muller gave the ball to the right side of the penalty area. After Tel got the ball, he forcibly kicked and hit the goal. The ball was blocked from the bottom line.In the 56th minute, Bayern was cut off again in the backcourt. Alfonso Davis’s somewhat random cross was cut off by Mavropalos. The latter slanted into the middle of the penalty area, and his teammate Frisch volleyed the goal. The score becomes 1-1!

In the 60th minute, Bayern cooperated with a short pass in the frontcourt. Mazrawi crossed the ball to the middle of the penalty area. After getting the ball, Musiala shot and hit the goal straight to the left corner of the goal. The score became 2-1!

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In the 62nd minute, Bayern counterattacked in the frontcourt, Sane sent the ball straight to the frontcourt, Gnabry advanced into the penalty area to form a single-handed shot, but he was bravely saved in the face of F-Mueller’s hit. In the 68th minute, Gnabry took a long shot from the right side of the frontcourt and the ball went over the crossbar. In the 74th minute, Gilasi, who was in the middle of the top of the arc, volleyed the goal with his right foot, and the ball hit the crossbar and popped out. In the 76th minute, Alfonso Davis burst into the left side of the penalty area and hit the goal. The ball hit the side net.

In the 78th minute, Stuttgart used a counter-attack to score again. Kimmich was knocked down while waiting for the ball in the backcourt. Gilasi scored a shot from the front, but the referee indicated that the ball was fouled first and the goal was invalid. It is worth mentioning that Stuttgart player Carrazzo was strongly dissatisfied with the penalty, and he also received a yellow card for this. In the 86th minute, Aigrove took a long shot from the right side of the frontcourt and hit the goal above the crossbar.

In the 89th minute, Stuttgart player Gilassi fell to the ground after confronting De Ligt in the penalty area. After VAR playback, it indicated that De Ligt had a dangerous action of brightening the soles. Then the referee decisively awarded a penalty kick. The penalty hit, the score becomes 2-2!

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In the end, Bayern was tied 2-2 by Stuttgart at home.

List of matches for both teams:

Bayern (4231): 1-Neuer/19-Alfonso-Davis, 2-Upamecano, 4-De Ligt, 40-Mazrawi (61st minute, 44-Stan Nisic)/6-Kimich, 8-Gretzka/42-Muciara (80th minute, 17-Mane), 7-Gnabry (81st minute, 38-Grevenberg) ), 25-Müller (67th minute, 13-Supomoting)/39-Tell (61st minute, 10-Sane)

Stuttgart (442): 1-F-Mueller, 2-Anton, 5-Mavropanos (84th minute, 15-Stenzel), 21-Yoki Ito, 24-Sosa/3- Endo Hang (75th minute, 25-Eglof), 14-Silas (75th minute, 11-Perea)/16-Karazo, 32-Ahamanda (84th minute, 8 -Enzo Milo)/9-Girasi, 10-Thiago-Thomas (46th minute, 22-Frich)

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