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By 2025, Henan will have 0.9 football fields per 10,000 people

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By 2025, Henan will have 0.9 football fields per 10,000 people

(Original title: More than 70 sports parks will be built, renovated and expanded by 2025)



Carry out national fitness and build a strong sports province in Henan Xinhua News Agency

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Henan Provincial Sports Bureau that the Henan Provincial People’s Government recently issued the “Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Construction of Sports in Henan”, and took the overall requirements, main tasks and safeguard measures as the starting point to give full play to the modernization of sports in high-quality construction. Henan will play an important role in modernizing Henan at a high level, and further promote the construction of a strong sports province.

by 2025

0.9 football fields per 10,000 people

The “Plan” aims to implement the “Outline for Building a Strong Sports Country” and the decisions and arrangements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on the construction of sports Henan.

By 2025, the proportion of people who regularly participate in physical exercise will reach 38.5%; all urban areas above the county (city) level will build “two games and three gymnasiums”, and the “15-minute fitness circle” in urban communities and fitness facilities in townships and administrative villages will be more abundantly configured and functional. ; There are more than 70 new, renovated and expanded sports parks in the province, with a per capita sports area of ​​2.6 square meters. The number of football fields per 10,000 people has reached 0.9, and the number of places where conditions are more than 1; the number of sports social organizations per 10,000 people has reached 1, there are more than 3 social sports instructors per 1,000 people.

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The 14th Henan Provincial Games will be held, the Games for the Disabled, the traditional ethnic minority sports, the farmers’ games, the workers’ games, and the fitness conference for the elderly will be well organized. Encourage each district and city to cultivate at least one brand event. We will do well in the popular “three major ball” leagues such as the Yuguan Football League, the Urban Men’s Basketball League, the “Thousands of Villages and Thousands of Townships” farmers’ basketball competition, and the Air Volleyball League.

Every year, more than 30 provincial-level brand events for national fitness, more than 200 at the municipal level, and more than 2,000 at the county level are carried out, and sports social organizations are driven to carry out more than 20,000 national fitness activities of various types. By 2025, the number of people directly involved in ice and snow sports in the province will exceed 3 million, driving 18 million people to participate in ice and snow sports.

Guarantee students 1 hour of sports activities on campus and off-campus every day

In terms of scientific fitness, the “Plan” proposes that by 2025, 5,000 medical staff of primary health service institutions will be trained to become scientific fitness instructors; The grassroots, sending health” national fitness volunteer service of no less than 100,000 people.

In terms of deepening the integration of sports and education, the “Plan” proposes to implement the youth sports promotion plan, open physical education classes, enrich after-school sports activities, and ensure that students have 1 hour of sports activities in and out of school every day; promote track and field, football and basketball. , volleyball, table tennis, badminton, swimming, martial arts, ice and snow events enter the campus, guide students to better master 1~2 sports skills, cultivate the sports population, and form lifelong sports habits; improve the youth competition system for all students.

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Promote martial arts culture and expand the international influence of Chinese Kung Fu

How to make kung fu sports bigger and stronger? The “Plan” proposes to dig deep into the national, folk and folk traditional sports resources represented by Shaolin Boxing and Tai Chi, and cultivate traditional sports brand events. Establish and improve the standard system of martial arts, improve the evaluation mechanism of the martial arts rank system, and improve the standardization level of skill training, event services, and equipment manufacturing.

Continue to hold the Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival, Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Competition and other international Wushu competitions to expand the international influence of the Chinese Kungfu brand.

Introduce 2~3 world-class sports events

The “Plan” proposes to optimize the development layout of competitive sports, coordinate the scientific development of Olympic and non-Olympic sports, summer and winter sports, advantageous and potential advantageous projects, and form and consolidate martial arts, cycling, water, heavy competition, track and field, ball games, shooting, etc. Advantage project group, improve core competitiveness. Make every effort to prepare for the 33rd Summer Olympic Games, the 19th Asian Games, the 15th National Games and other major events. Establish a long-term anti-doping governance mechanism.

Cultivate 100 provincial sports industry bases. Develop the aviation sports industry, and promote the joint development of aviation competition performances, experience leisure, aviation training, and aviation product manufacturing. Relying on the “three mountains and two rivers” (Taihang Mountains, Funiu Mountains, Dabie Mountains, Yellow River, Huai River) and other natural resources, focus on the development of outdoor sports industries such as mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, cycling, ice and snow, and build 30 provincial-level sports tourism demonstration bases.

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Introduce 2~3 world-class sports events and high-quality sports events with great popularity and influence. Continue to hold the WTA Zhengzhou International Women’s Tennis Open well, continue to bid for the ITTF Tournament, and give play to the positive role of sports in promoting openness; encourage various regions to carry out various forms of sports international exchange activities, and support the construction of cities with conditions such as Zhengzhou and Luoyang International sports city; actively develop sports and cultural activities with local characteristics of the Central Plains, and strengthen the promotion of ethnic, folk and folk sports.

The “Plan” also proposes five safeguards, including strengthening organizational leadership, promoting functional transformation, strengthening policy guarantees, strengthening technological empowerment, and implementing strict responsibilities.

Zhengguan News Zhengzhou Evening News reporter Chen Kai

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