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«Don’t say that the rich don’t work»- breaking latest news

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«Don’t say that the rich don’t work»- breaking latest news
Of Salvatore Riggio

Georgina Rodriguez posts an image on Instagram during “a normal day at work” and reminds followers who often criticize her that she works too

An Instagram story of Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner who lives in Saudi Arabia with her whole family for the adventure of the champion at Al Nassr, has once again divided her followers and sparked controversy. The subject is quite serious and is a sort of professional claim of the Spanish model, which boasts 47 million followers. Georgina sent a message to all those who criticize her, attributing to her the sole role of Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend and therefore of owing success and wealth to him. Rodriguez very often shows her projects on her social networks — she is one ambassador for several clothing and jewelry brands, as well as also working as a model—. And she divides the people of social networks. Because there are many users who accuse her of being with a man like CR7, who has always been overpaid and very rich thanks to the many sponsorships, and in any case many are those who defend her.

Reply to criticism

Always refractory to criticism – she considers it unfair – she uploaded a photo of herself while walking. A bag and a coffee in her hands. The image that she wants to communicate is that of a woman during a normal working day. The text accompanying the photo: «Another wonderful day at work. Let no one say that the rich don’t work.” Apart from that, Georgina Rodriguez is promoting the second season of her documentary: «I am Georgina». For this reason, next week you will go to El Hormiguero to talk about this project that you are making together with Netflix, and with which you hope to have the same reception as the first one.

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The trailer of the documentary

In the short trailer released by the streaming platform, we see her unable to hold back her tears as she recalls the hardest moment of her life. The reference is to a year ago, when the couple lost one of the twin boys they were expecting. “Life is hard, life goes on. I have so many reasons to carry on and be strong. Cris encouraged me enormously to carry on with all my commitments. She told me: “Go on with your life, it will do you good”. Right now my priority is my children and my family. I’m really happy and very thankful,” she said in the trailer.

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