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Free and rebellious: I’m a Disney princess – Magazine

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Free and rebellious: I’m a Disney princess – Magazine

Who needs Prince Charming? Certainly not Joey King, protagonist of The Princess, the action movie that overturns everything you expect from a Disney fairytale. In a fairy world, our princess with long red hair, in fact, wakes up as a prisoner in a very high tower: it is the punishment that the heir of an opposing kingdom inflicted on her, which she refused on the altar. But the rebellious girl has no intention of waiting for a knight to save her: she sprains her wrist to take off the handcuffs and begins to eliminate the guards, one by one. No matter how big they are of her: strengthened by her training and by the continuous underestimation that the males have towards her (alleged) weakness, she kills them all. Using pointed pins, bodice laces and various edged weapons. One fight after another, from the top of the tower to the ground floor (like in a video game), where he will challenge the ex-betrothed and his perfidious mistress to single combat: a Kill Bill crossing in which all the males are painted as rough and violent, the only positive figure is the Asian tutor (somewhere, the princess must have learned to beat …). Even her father, initially a victim of the oppression of the current opponent, does not come out very well. Beyond the judgment on the Vietnamese film Lê Văn Kiêt, the fact that The Princess, produced by Fox, was distributed by Disney on its family platform, makes the protagonist – played by the idol of the kids of the TV series The Kissing Booth – the latest banner of women’s empowerment. The time of the Sleeping Beauty is long over. It will be the red hair that unites them, but the thought immediately goes to the Scottish Merida, protagonist of Ribelle – The Brave (2012, Pixar but produced by Disney), …

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