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How long have you not heard such cheers? 2022 PEL Summer Tournament ended successfully in Shenzhen Bay_Peace_Event_Airdrop

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How long have you not heard such cheers? 2022 PEL Summer Tournament ended successfully in Shenzhen Bay_Peace_Event_Airdrop

Original title: How long have you not heard such cheers? The 2022 PEL Summer Tournament ended successfully in Shenzhen Bay

How long have you not heard such cheers? The 2022 PEL Summer Tournament ended successfully in Shenzhen Bay

With gusts of sea breeze blowing over the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center unhurriedly, the 2022 PEL Summer Finals intensified.

As the first e-sports event this year that is open to offline audiences, the 2022 PEL Summer Finals and Airdrop Festival held on August 21, its wonderful event content and long halftime show performance to the live e-sports The competition enthusiasts brought a long-lost offline competition atmosphere. At the same time, through the industry-leading live broadcast technology, offline viewing points were set up in 27 cities across the country and overseas. Both online and offline witnessed Jiangsu SMG won the “Tenth” in the history of PEL. crown”.

After the first three days of the finals, Shanghai NV won three victories on the first day, and established a 27-point advantage to lead the leaderboard, followed by Jiangxi TJB, Hangzhou LGD and Jiangsu SMG to form a championship group. On the night of the championship of the finals, Jiangsu SMG played steadily and won the third game to move up to the second place, with only 4 points left before the finale with Shanghai NV.

In the last game, Shanghai NV was besieged by multiple teams and was eliminated early in stage 6. The score was fixed at 193 points. Jiangsu SMG, which was closely behind, had to win the game to win the game. In the end, in the 3v2 showdown with Wuhan RSG, SMG·Remember won the game. The last person in Wuhan RSG helped Jiangsu SMG successfully counterattack and win the summer championship. The second and third place were won by Shanghai NV Tencent Video and Hangzhou LGD. The FMVP and Best Rookie winners were Guangzhou TT·Ajie and Changsha TEC·Justin respectively.

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In the award ceremony after the game, Ms. Zhang Hua, Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, presented the award to the champion Jiangsu SMG team. Mr. Chen Shaohua, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, and Mr. Ye Chun, Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen Nanshan District People’s Government The lady jointly awarded the prize board to the runner-up Shanghai NV Tencent Video Team. Liang Xinghua and Gao Lina, general manager of Tencent Game Photonics Studio Group S Studio and project leader of the Peace Elite Project, presented the award to the third runner-up Hangzhou LGD.

In terms of personal honors, Huang Xinlong, the planning director of Tencent Game Photonics Studio Group Planning Director of “Peace Elite”, and Li Jie, President of OnePlus China, presented the FMVP Guangzhou TT·Ajie awards, and Mr. Huang Xinlong was also the best rookie Changsha. TEC · Justin awards.

Behind the exciting event content is the industry-leading event production technology. In order to improve production efficiency and reduce broadcast energy consumption, this PEL Summer Finals and Airdrop Festival Ceremony adopts radio and TV-grade transmission networks and top-level video and audio codec equipment. The advanced broadcast production and broadcast mode of Remote Control+EFP makes it possible for remote broadcast production and broadcast. This event takes remote production as the core method, relies on the dedicated line network to cover Shenzhen and Xi’an, and realizes real-time connections in 27 cities and overseas to solve video and audio synchronization, real-time mutual transmission of calls, coding security and delay, etc. problems, ensure the seamless connection between the front end and the remote end, and realize the remote live broadcast of e-sports events at the highest production quality level.

The brand is integrated into the content of the event, and the competition and tour synergy achieve multi-win

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In this final ceremony, the brand content was deeply integrated with all aspects of the event, and the brand value of the partners was further released. At the same time, the content of e-sports events and game product channels are connected to each other to maximize the brand value of partners.

Through the industry-leading stage art technology, we will create a high-quality opening ceremony of the e-sports event, and further amplify the cross-border cooperation potential between PEL Peace Elite Professional League and Balenciaga. The joint champion team uniform designed exclusively by Balenciaga is the tenth champion of PEL. It gives more meaning and enriches the imagination space of the competitive game linkage business model.

During the Airdrop Festival, OnePlus, the chief sponsor of PEL, deeply bound with the players of the event, and made Shanghai NV Paraboy a “OnePlus Game Performance Ambassador”, empowering the brand with the influence of star players, helping OnePlus complete e-sports The depth of content.

The event sponsor Buick cooperated with the stage beauty custom players to create a panoramic view to create a fun interpretation of the slogan “Good teammates are Buick teammates”, realizing Buick’s young and interesting brand image.

In addition, the “Chasing the Light” series of team uniforms launched by the League Club has also been officially launched, which binds high-quality e-sports uniforms with team stars such as Shanghai NV·Paraboy, Hangzhou LGD·Chengc, and online and offline collaboration to help the club’s commercialization .

In-depth star participation in innovative stage design, Xia Jue brought a visual feast

The newly upgraded stage design also provides more possibilities for brand creativity. The live stage adopts three-sided PGM screens, and the map window is enlarged to enhance the experience of presenting the content of the event; the T-shaped overall stage brings a good sense of depth, presents the battle situation in multiple directions, and provides a larger space for star performances.

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The halftime show specially invited Li Ke as the artistic director of the stage, and the Re: Creative Studio led by him was responsible for the creativity and execution. Chen Jie was specially invited to be the chief lighting designer. In the halftime show, Hua Chenyu, the brand spokesperson, performed the annual theme songs “Flight Conductor” and “Famous Scenes” of the Peace Elite. Song Qian, the brand spokesperson, brought the “Roof on Fire” Airdrop of Peace Elite. In the special edition, Xilinnayi Gao, the 3rd Anniversary Elite Inviter, brought the Peace Elite 3rd Anniversary Theme Song “Elite Extraordinary”, and the Airdrop Festival Surprise Delivery Officer Combs Orchestra sang the Peace Elite 2022 Airdrop Festival theme song “Chase” , the singing resounded through the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center and completely ignited the atmosphere of the scene.

The warm atmosphere continued until the airdrop night after the game. Many celebrity guests also experienced the newly upgraded Oasis Qiyuan “Peace Games” gameplay, bringing bursts of laughter to the audience at the scene and before the live broadcast. After that, the double-row exhibition competition of stars and players has become more famous. In the classic combination of Hua Chenyu and Chengc, world champions Wang Qianyi, Wang Liuyi and a group of athletes, anchors and players teamed up to bring surprises to the audience.

The exciting summer finals have come to an end. With the summer finals over, the 2022 PMRC regional competition from September 22 to 25 has also been put on the schedule, followed by the 2022 2022 starting on September 29. PMGC PEL regional qualifiers, and the 2022 PMGC global finals will also meet with you in November, let us look forward to more exciting events together.Return to Sohu, see more

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