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Inter, the market plan to keep the big players. Skrinar full stop – Sport – Football

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Inter, the market plan to keep the big players.  Skrinar full stop – Sport – Football

Milan, 28 July 2022 – Simone Inzaghi quivers. The technician had to give up on Gleison Bremer but he doesn’t want to do the same with Milan Skriniar and Denzel Dumfries. The market has ignited, the opponents are responding to purchases in June dell’Inter and there will be a great fight at the top. Juve has strengthened itself with Di Maria, Bremer and Pogba (now injured), the Milan it’s closing The Ketelaere and the Roma he took Dybala and is close to Wijnaldum. In short, Inter, who lost Perisiche cannot lose any more pieces.

Skriniar does not want to go

Simone Inzaghi he doesn’t want to know about losing Milan Skriniar and the Slovak himself, having lost track of the PSG, intends to stay. It would mean for Inter’s coffers not to have those 70 million fixed as a hypothetical sale figure, in a summer market that will have to be marked by the plus sign. But the property had also set steps in terms of capital gains and without the sale of Skriniar it will become almost impossible to achieve them. How to do? Management is working out a plan to balance the budget while keeping the best ones. The pawn that will be sacrificed appears to be Andrea Pinamontifor which about 20 million euros could be collected, in addition to all this, we will try to place the redundant salaries, starting with Alexis Sanchezwhich is doing some resistance having contracted, to end up with Lazarowho had a good time in these friendlies given Gosens’ ailments.

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One of Marotta’s missions is also to knock down the amount of wages, a difficult but practicable mission, and cutting the redundancies could produce a reduction of 10%. But let’s get back to Skriniar. No relaunch from Paris and an increase in the prices of a stay, there will also be talk of renewal, with consequent blocking of the Nikola deal Milenkovic with Fiorentina: there is no approval from the property. Inzaghi, however, will need a reserve for the defense and the name of Unripe it remains good for a low cost solution. As for the capital gains to be made in this budget, there is the idea of ​​moving them to the next market sessions. Between January and June, before the 30th when the budget will close, l’Inter it could accomplish what it failed to do now, giving Simone Inzaghi the chance to play for the Scudetto with a competitive squad and with no sales apart from Perisic which has expired. To beat rivals you need to keep the best, and Skriniar, in this Inter, is.

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