Home Sports Ivrea and Rivarolese lay down the law For the Canavese women, an assault on the summit

Ivrea and Rivarolese lay down the law For the Canavese women, an assault on the summit

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Tournament at the halfway point with orange and grenade protagonists But many fear Covid and the nightmare of suspension


In group B of the Promotion championship we are approaching the turning point with great strides with the Canavese teams who, in great shape, are confirming themselves at the top of the standings as predicted by many parties on the eve. If the Volpiano and especially the Quincitava are playing an excellent championship, there is no doubt that the best things are doing the Ivrea of ​​Andrea Porrini and the Rivarolese of Mr. Stefanetto.

After the uncertain start, a point in the first two games, the orange players began to grind the game and collect points gradually climbing the rankings and now occupy the second place, albeit in cohabitation with San Mauro who has not yet observed his turn rest, just one point from the leaders Lascaris. Driven by the goals of the midfielders, the oranges reached ten consecutive useful games on Sunday, the result of seven victories and only three draws (ah how badly the one against San Mauro), a symptom of a well-blended complex and excellently arranged in the field. Taking a look at the calendar, pending the match against Lascaris, scheduled in the external field at the last leg, Porrini’s boys will have another difficult clash on the first Sunday in December when they will have to face the derby with Rivarolese even if it will be easy matches. in this championship there are none. Now it is a question of not throwing away the good things that have been done and continue on this path as hoped by the orange leader Andrea Porrini. «We are doing well and we want to continue like this – begins the coach – both in the league and in the Cup. I am fortunate to have an excellent group with young people, the so-called very interesting ones, who listen and want to do something. There are all the ingredients to do well and we certainly will not give up. Our belief is to think only of the next match to be played without setting goals. In the end we will settle the accounts and see if we have made them come back ».

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For her part, the Rivarolese, which pays heavily for the two home defeats, suffered in front of Valdruento and Alpignano (the revenge of the former Berta), has been able to find in the last few races a row of four consecutive victories, also debunking that home taboo that ‘has penalized so far, and above all by demonstrating that he knows how to go to the net with a certain ease. With renewed confidence, we are preparing to face the latest challenges on the calendar as announced by the president of the grenades Josè Surace.

«We are satisfied with the championship the team is playing. Our goal is to finish in the top five by growing the young players we have in the squad. Our investments are limited, certainly not those necessary to win, but despite our young age the team is responding to expectations. The hope is that the latest performances are not an end in themselves but can continue Sunday after Sunday ».

On the horizon, not just football, however, certainly not positive winds are looming, certifying the progress of Covid which only a few months ago seemed a distant threat. The hope of all athletes is that the season can continue smoothly and should not be interrupted, like the previous two, by the pandemic situation given the worsening recorded in recent days, a fact that has awakened ancient and bad thoughts also fueled by the situation present in the other European countries that have restored the old measures to contain the advance of the virus. Obviously, it is hoped that the situation will not get worse and that we can continue, albeit with precautions, to life as usual, including football. –

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