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JP10, an overturned one to stay upright

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SENT TO CAGLIARI. The appointment with the victory is once again postponed. Cagliari just can’t break free. He didn’t even succeed with Turin. Another draw, the fourth in a row, which must make the rossoblù happy, who in the final repeatedly risked going to the mat. The feat of Joao Pedro, who responded to Carboni’s own goal, is the pearl of an evening that saw Mazzarri’s team play well at times but always make the same mistakes, both in the non-possession phase and in the construction. Cragno’s mistake on the grenade goal complicated the life of the Quattro Mori, who were good at reacting and getting back on their feet. But that’s not enough, to save yourself you have to win and Cagliari just doesn’t seem to have the strength to do it. A worrying sign.

Marin returns. The Romanian owner (in Verona he started from the bench due to a slight flu form) is the only novelty in the Cagliari team. Lykogiannis is outside. Nandez and Bellanova form the chain on the right, Marin and Dalbert on the opposite side. Three-man defense and five-man midfield, with the two outside players lowering themselves in the non-possession phase. Godin is back at disposal, while Strootman is not there, who has flown to Rome to do knee checks. Exams you will complete today to find out the extent of the injury. Torino deploys the announced formation. It’s a 3-4-2-1. Sanabria offensive terminal, Pjaca and Brekalo free between the lines.

Approach. Just that of the rossoblùs. They try to take the reins of the game in hand but it is not easy against an opponent who covers all areas of the field well, doubles the markings and starts again at speed with Aina on the right, Brekalo and Sanabria giving depth to the maneuver. Cagliari tries to sink especially on the lanes but the spaces are clogged. It becomes complicated to think with the ball between your feet because the grenades shorten immediately. Defenses prevail early on.

Gosling. Cragno does it hard on Pobega’s harmless shot. The ball escapes him and Sanabria, helped by a favorable rebound, puts it in. The final touch, however, is by Carboni. A punch in the stomach because Cagliari is forced to chase after the first shot on goal immediately. The team arrives well up to the edge of the opposing area but then never manages to find the right cue for the strikers. The Quattro Mori still have a reaction, even if every now and then they lose the ball in a trivial way and risk in the counterattack. More precision is needed in assists because the situations to hurt Taurus are created. We need to be even more aggressive and more determined in tackling.

Prowess. The form becomes 3-4-2-1, because Nandez plays on the same line as Joao Pedro and Keita becomes the point of reference. The rossoblùs are more determined, Joao Pedro forces Milonkovic to a save to avoid capitulating. But it is only a matter of seconds because shortly after the Cagliari captain hits the mark in an overhead kick. A eurogol who rejoice in the stadium.

The rossoblù try. Torino is suffering from difficulties. Juric brings in fresh forces: Praet and Zaza, out of Brekalo and Sanabria. The inertia of the game has changed, the Quattro Mori are now more bad in their play, they finish first on the second balls. After just over an hour Pavoletti takes Keita’s place. In the final space also to Pereiro and Godin. The syndrome of the last minutes seems to block Cagliari which risks making an omelette several times. In the end the equal is right but at this rate salvation becomes a very hard undertaking.

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