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La Liga: Real Betis turned away?Premier League: Newcastle United VS Leicester City_Sevilla_Status_Match

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La Liga: Real Betis turned away?Premier League: Newcastle United VS Leicester City_Sevilla_Status_Match

Original title: La Liga: Real Betis is the main anti-customer?Premier League: Newcastle United VS Leicester City

Max personally likes to study football games, and has also worked in football for many years. He will share some of his personal thoughts every day, and welcomes all golfers to share and communicate with each other. Follow Max so you don’t get confused! Today Max takes everyone to watch a La Liga game on Sunday and a Premier League game on Monday.

Sunday 020 Spanish La Liga Sevilla VS Real Betis

● Pre-match essentials

Seville:In the second round of the Europa semi-final that just ended in the middle of the week, they eliminated Juventus in 120 minutes and advanced to the final. The team was full of fighting spirit. The team consumed a lot during the game, but the advantage is that this game is still a home game, and the players avoided the fatigue of the journey. Sevilla’s league performance this season is sluggish. Although they are currently only ranked tenth in the league, at the end of the season, their state is actually no worse than the first-line teams in the five major leagues. In the case of taking into account both fronts at the same time, Sevilla had previously played a 7-game unbeaten record. After that, although they underestimated the enemy and caused an upset loss, they quickly recovered their form. Recently, they have played an undefeated record of 3 wins and 1 walk. Generally, teams in this position in the league will show a state of wanting nothing, but Sevilla is still very active in facing various competitions. If the team can continue to maintain this state and make good use of the home court advantage, this campaign is quite impressive.

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Real Betis:Ranked 6th in the league with 55 points, 7 points ahead of Girona behind, has already won the UEFA qualification for next season, and even hopes to overtake Villarreal in front of him and join Europa. The team’s away performance in the league is not weak. After 17 rounds, they achieved 7 wins, 3 walks and 7 losses. The winning rate reached 42%, which is consistent with Sevilla’s home winning rate. In the last two rounds, the team faced two strong teams, Athletic Bilbao and Rayo Vallecano, and they both easily won the game. It is not difficult to see that Real Betis has also begun to return to the right track. It is worth noting that the team has lost 3 of the last 4 away games, and the away stability has declined. In addition, the last four away games against Sevilla all ended in defeat, and the psychology is not at all dominant. Fortunately, Sevilla has a tight schedule in the near future, and there will be a lack of physical fitness, so there is still hope for scoring points in this game. However, it should be noted that Real Betis has been scored at least 3 goals by their opponents in 2 away games in the last 3 league games. The recent away defense has been unstable.

in summary

The data in this game is the first gear, and the strength of the two teams is equal, but judging from the previous confrontations between the two teams, Sevilla seems to have a stronger ability to make concessions. Coupled with Sevilla’s recent fiery state, it is not an exaggeration to make two concessions at home. It can even be said that according to the current state, at least two gears are required to start to have the blocking effect. But the director only gave one file, so no matter how you look at it, Zhenglu doesn’t seem to be the side that is supported. Moreover, there was a significant decline in the return of the home team in the follow-up, indicating that the hot state of Zhenglu has attracted a large influx of markets. In this way, the home team’s chances of winning have also been reduced due to overheating. Furthermore, Sevilla is currently in a less aggressive position in the league, and the next primary goal is the Europa League final. Coupled with the possible lack of physical fitness, Max is optimistic about the visiting team’s undefeated overall opinion.

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Monday 003 English Premier League Newcastle United VS Leicester City

● Pre-match essentials

newcastle united: After the 36th round of the Premier League, Newcastle United has a record of 19 wins, 12 walks and 5 losses, temporarily accumulating 69 points, ranking third in the standings, only 4 points ahead of fifth-placed Liverpool, and the team continues with its current performance. It can be said that there is no big problem in getting the place in the Champions League, but we still need to do our best to secure four points and not relax. Newcastle United has scored 67 goals so far, conceded 32 goals, and conceded less than 1 goal per game. The defensive performance is very good, ranking second in the Premier League. Newcastle United beat Brighton 4-1 in the last round of the league, successfully ending the recent two-game unbeaten decline, and the team’s morale is boosted! The club has a record of 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the last five league rounds, with a winning rate of 60%. In these five rounds, Newcastle United scored 13 points in total, conceded 7 points in total, and had a net difference of +6 points. They performed well on both offensive and defensive ends.

leicester city: At present, after the 36th round of the Premier League, Leicester City has a record of 8 wins, 6 walks and 22 losses, temporarily accumulating 30 points, ranking 19th in the standings, and the relegation situation is precarious. Leicester City has lost to Fulham and Liverpool in the near future, suffering a two-game losing streak in the league, and the team’s overall recent situation is very sluggish. The club’s record in the past five rounds is only 1 win, 2 walks and 2 losses, with a winning rate of 20%. In these five rounds, Leicester City scored 8 points in total, lost 12 points in total, and only paid a net negative score of -4 points. They performed very poorly on both ends of the offense and defense. Leicester City have scored 49 goals so far this season, conceded 67 goals, and conceded an average of 1.86 goals per game.

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in summary

Judging from the current overall strength of the two teams, Newcastle United is undoubtedly the dominant team. Newcastle United currently ranks third in the league standings with 69 points. After this round, Newcastle will be a guest at Chelsea in the last round, so this round of Newcastle will be more competitive to consolidate their Champions League qualifications. Therefore, this round is more optimistic that Newcastle United can win at home.

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