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Latal after a bitter premiere: It was very weak in attack

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Latal after a bitter premiere: It was very weak in attack

What would you say about the match?

I would like to congratulate Boleslav on the three points. I think I deserve it. She surpassed us with aggressiveness, attitude, dynamism, desire for victory. They scored two beautiful goals. We didn’t manage to enter both halves, after the second goal it was hard to catch up. We didn’t have wings. What worked for us in the preparation went away. In the attacking phase it was very weak from our side, we have to improve that.

How did you see the situation in front of the first goal, when your stopper Hurtado was left lying after the fight? Boleslav continued the action and scored.

You could say we stopped playing. It is difficult to judge whether it was a foul or not. Our player held his head. But we overslept in that situation, we underestimated it. Then we tried to fix it and it was too late. It was definitely a mistake on our part.

Five completely new players started in the starting line-up compared to last season. Did someone convince you?

I don’t want to rate players at the moment. But Alex (Alégué) certainly helped us, who started in the second half and was dangerous. We gave Pleštil a chance from the start, who looked very good in training, better than Alex. He then tried to go around the opponent, revived our game, that’s the only thing I can point out.

At what stage is the team playing?

We realized that the preparation and the championship match cannot be compared at all. Emphasis and commitment are completely different. As I said, what we did in preparation didn’t work. The transition phase didn’t work for us, we struggled offensively. I think we didn’t play badly at the back, there was certainly no problem in the stopper duo.

You had a few shots too, didn’t you?

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It is true. At halftime, I blamed the players for playing only short passes without finishing. We returned the ball all the way to the stoppers, we didn’t get it into the goal. We lack attacks for defense, outnumbering the opponent, in that Boleslav surpassed us.

Direct with former first league footballer Jan RajnochVideo: Sport.cz

How do you think the pair of Jan Chramosta and Václav Drchal worked up front?

We considered one change, namely if we don’t put Filip Souček from the beginning and push out Považan with Kratochvíl. Drchal would sit in that case. We decided on this option, it worked quite well for us in general. It wasn’t like that here.

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