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«Naples among the strongest in Europe. I owe a lot to Sarri. I dream of the Scudetto here”

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«Naples among the strongest in Europe.  I owe a lot to Sarri.  I dream of the Scudetto here”

Looking forward to the challenge against the Napolito partially present the challenge for the Lazio Danilo thought about it Cataldi to the microphones of Dazn: «We are preparing for the match that awaits us which will be quite demanding. We worked on a tactical level. I always try to have positive thoughts, but it is undeniable that they are among the best teams in Europe. It will be a complicated match, but I think we can do well».

Napoli-Lazio, Sarri looks for the antidote and finds Zaccagni: the numbers against the Neapolitans

Cataldi’s words

Difficult to even face singles like Lobotka: «It will be complicated. We must congratulate him because he has grown incredibly in a square that is not quite as light as Napoli». Not to mention Kvaratskhelia: «We played against them in one of the first matches, he was still a mysterious object and I didn’t expect the impact he had in this championship». The toughest team, however, remains theAtalanta: «He played the best game of the year here. If they are physically fine as in that case it is difficult to face them. That’s where I got into trouble.”

About Sarri

Cataldi speaks in the round, first of all about the relationship with Sarri: «He’s someone who knows his stuff. We often talk about football with him because he’s a perfectionist, he’s almost never happy even when we play an excellent performance. Then every now and then he comes up with some anecdote from his life before football, in those cases it’s funny. I’ve never seen that pad he writes on. Surely he writes down things to let us notice later, but it’s top secret ». And again: «Personally it was very important. We came from mister Inzaghi that he had another kind of kick. Sarri wants us tall and short and prefers a play more than a dribble, so I tried to get into what he wanted. It was difficult at first because I trained as a midfielder, but slowly I also improved in the defensive phase. This is the first year for me that I have this central role within the team, despite my advanced age in terms of football. Everything is going well and we hope to achieve our team goals».

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On the choice of number, the past and dreams

The Biancoceleste 32 explains the choice of number: «Having made his first season as a professional a Croton I had the 28 and thought about taking it back but it was busy. Then a masseur told me to take the 32 and it stayed. I tried to change it one year by taking the 5, but it didn’t go well, so I took it back (laughs, ed)». And he goes back to the beginning: «The passion for football began when I was 4 years old in the township, I was there until I was 11 and then I started working for Lazio. Like all children, I dreamed of being a footballer, then when I grew up I realized how complicated it was to climb that step, but luckily it went well. However I have the same group of friends as when I was little, they have seen me grow up ». Speaking of dreams: «My goal is to win it scudetto and play for the national team. I’m missing something, in life you never know. Of course, however, I also wanted to have a family and play in Serie A, and I succeeded».

Difficult moments and life away from football

«The journey was quite difficult when I returned from Crotone – reveals Cataldi – after my first year as a professional in Serie B. I had an excellent season with coach Pegswe arrived in Champions and in the final of Italian Cup, but the next year, when hp thought they had it, I suffered this thing so much. I put on too much pressure and responsibility. The city of Rome is special when you are born and live there. Genoa e Benevento they helped me get back on the right track, but mentally it wasn’t easy». On life outside football: «I consider myself an anti-footballer because I try to live my life as peacefully as possible. Then it’s clear that the fans recognize you and tell you about the derby. I don’t like the spotlight too much, I would have preferred to be born in the football of the past. What is happening today certainly has some positive things, but in some cases it is sometimes better to avoid flaunting it».

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On the derby and his debut in Serie A

On the derby: «I am very attached to that image of me crying under the curve with the captain’s armband. There was a bit of everything in those tears, it was a liberation because I’ve always wanted to play a match like this, winning it that way, suffering, despite the fact that we are a team that seeks perfection». And again: «At that moment you represent all the fans and in that crying there was the liberation from all the various thoughts. I wore the band with Pioli for the first time, when They work he had left it for me. But taking her to the derby from the start was really special and the days before were devastating: I would never relive the pre-derby, but of course the match does, because at least you can let off steam and free yourself from the adrenaline. Luckily it went well.” On his debut in Serie A: «It was a Lazio-Napoli match, we lost 1-0, he scored Higuain. Even there it was special with my parents at the stadium, a good feeling. There was happiness for the debut, but bitterness for the defeat. At least the week after I played from the start against the Milan and we won.”

On the current group at Lazio

Finally Cataldi has his say on some teammates based on the questions asked by the fans: «Ivan (Provedel, ed) is really a very good boy. He has this clean face but even if he is silent he gives you so much security. In my opinion he is a great goalkeeper. He doesn’t need to scream, he gives you peace of mind without making drama, he’s atypical. The fumiest it is Luis Alberto, is number 10 and therefore rightly so. We have good characters, like Casale. He entertains us and is too particular, but he is certainly a great player. Gila instead he’s the one who dresses worse, wears much bigger things, even if he says it himself. He is a boy with a great personality. We’re a good group.”

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