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The Chinese Super League is facing criticism after the recent professional league work meeting in Suzhou. The meeting, which summarized the 2023 league season and made arrangements for the 2024 season, highlighted several issues that need improvement, including a low net game time which averaged only 50 minutes and 51 seconds throughout the year.

The low net game time has raised concerns about the quality of the games in the Chinese Super League, with experts pointing out that the technical and tactical aspects of the league are lacking. This is particularly troubling as the stable development of the league is crucial for the overall development of Chinese football.

In contrast, the China Badminton Masters, which recently concluded in Shenzhen, saw the Chinese team securing three championships and one runner-up. While the results were largely positive, the losses in men’s singles and women’s doubles highlighted the inconsistent performance of the national feather team.

Meanwhile, the Chinese men’s football team is preparing for the upcoming Asian Cup, with plans to gather in Shanghai on December 17 and fly to Abu Dhabi for three weeks of training and competition. The team is set to face Tajikistan, Lebanon, and Qatar in the group stage of the tournament, with hopes of performing well after a mixed performance in the World Cup Asian Qualifiers.

Finally, the football world bid farewell to English football legend Terry Venables, who passed away at the age of 80. Venables, who played for Chelsea, Tottenham, and Crystal Palace as a player before going on to have a successful coaching career, is remembered for his time as the coach of the England national team, leading them to the semi-finals of the 1996 European Cup.

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The sports world continues to grapple with both triumphs and losses as teams and athletes strive for success in their respective fields.

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