Home Sports Prestigious success for Erica Piatti in the Czech Republic From 11th the Europeans

Prestigious success for Erica Piatti in the Czech Republic From 11th the Europeans

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Prestigious success for Erica Piatti in the Czech Republic From 11th the Europeans


The last two stages of the Eca Junior Cup took place in Slovakia, more precisely in Bratislava. Also present were some Ivrea athletes. The most significant result was that of Erica Piatti, who at the end of the two days won the K1 Senior open.

Let’s go in order. The best results of the test on Saturday 6 August were obtained by Matteo Pistoni and Erica Piatti herself, who finished fourth in the respective K1 open categories, Senior category not in competition for the Eca Cup, reserved for Under 18 and Under 16 athletes.

Also in the K1 open Tommaso Panico arrived 18th on Saturday, Ludovico Cuignon twenty-first and Simone Bernard twenty-ninth.

Among the Under 18 Giacomo Capirone is ninth in C1 and Lorenzo Cardini twentieth in K1, finally Nicola Pistoni is classified eleventh among K1 Under 16.

The final classification, as usual, takes into account the sum of the results of the two days of competition. Thus Erica Piatti managed to take the overall victory in her category. In the final also Tommaso Panico eighth and Nicola Pistoni eleventh in K1 Under 16. Giacomo Capirone stopped in qualifying in C1 Under 18, Lorenzo Cardini and Lorenzo Spertino in K1 Under 18.

The next prestigious engagement, for the Ivrea players called up for the Junior National team, is the European championship that will be held in the next few days, from 11 to 14 August in the Czech Republic in Ceske Budejovice. In the race Lucia and Michele Pistoni in K1, Elio Maiutto and Simone Marchegiano in C1.

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In the meantime, the activity of the Epoedian club is now aimed at the very young people of the Start-up Center for sport with an internship to approach the moving water on the French channel of St. Pierre de Bouef, near Lyon, while for the athletes of the agonistic groups and pre-competitive preparation is aimed at the Italian Junior, Junior and Absolute Championships scheduled for September. –

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