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San Miniato escapes, Riso Scotti chases but there is no connection

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The Tuscans, now at the top alone, build the decisive break in the second quarter. Pavia approaches with the defense, but the negative evening in attack is fatal


Riso Scotti loses its second consecutive game, paying for the intense defense of the Tuscans, which prevents the Pavesi from thinking. The Pavia team also pays for the worst game of the year of its most experienced couple, Simoncelli and Corral, together with an alternating current Donadoni. It is clear that without the two leaders (2/16 shooting overall), the defense cannot be enough to beat the Tuscans, who are now first in the standings alone. Only in the third quarter, Pavia came back out of sheer strength, but in the last quarter she started slow and was unable to complete the comeback.

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San Miniato immediately starts aggressive and D’Alessandro decided to hit the basket. Pavia, however, continues to fight with the shot and the Tuscans thank the harvest of offensive errors in Pavia (4-5, 4’30 “). Di Bella changes Corral with Torgano and Sgobba finds the first triple of the match. Marchini wants more aggression and inserts Benites, but D’Alessandro in the corner scores the second triple, which allows the Pavesi to extend (10-5 at 6 ‘). Calzavara changes Simoncelli.

The Tuscans are taking measures to the Pavesi, who are starting to struggle. Corral misses two easy supports and also commits the second foul. Benites overtakes from the line and from that moment San Miniato will never let go of the helm of command (10-11, 8 ‘). The first pick and roll of Pavia closes the fourth.

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Pavia throws the second ball away from the throw-in, then returns slowly and the Tuscans punish it (12-17, 11 ‘). Mastrangelo puts it twice from 6.75 for the maximum advantage (16–26, 14 ‘). Pavia is lost in attack and in defense is constantly late, so the Tuscans do not believe their eyes (16-33 at 16 ‘). Sgobba finds a triple in transition, then D’Alessandro assists Sgobba again. Corral’s negative evening can also be seen in defense: third foul on 18 ‘. Tozzi from the bezel thanks (21-35, 17’30 “). D’Alessandro scores a triple, frustrated by Candotto. Lollo fights for two, but he is alone (26-40, 19 ‘). Pavia tries to raise the defensive intensity, with the public pushing, and begins to erode the disadvantage. Calzavara remedies D’Alessandro’s first defensive error, but the losses affect the Pavesi. Sgobba takes advantage of the mismatch and scores two free throws, then in anger he gains other free throws (38-45, 26 ‘).

San Miniato beats and Pavia slowly returns from the line and gains confidence (41-45, 27 ‘). Mastrangelo from three points, then Donadoni doesn’t get one right and the Tuscans stretch. Coach Di Bella tries Corral again.

The match ignites and Calzavara commits the second foul. Donadoni puts his first triple in a bad but alive fourth. Corral closes the fourth with two free throws (49-54, 30 ‘). Pavia starts again soft in defense and San Miniato places a 2-6 partial in 2 ‘(51-60, 32’) which in practice closes the match. Pavia is still approaching but without mending the disadvantage. Maurizio Scorbati

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