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Seven goals and defense already on the ball, Pordenone is on the right track

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Seven goals and defense already on the ball, Pordenone is on the right track

TARVISIO. It was the first official test of the season, but it also had to be a party. So it was: Pordenone beat Maniago Vajont 7-0 in the friendly that closed the first week of Tarvisio’s training camp.

After a season like last year, the fans – but also owners and players – needed to savor the taste of easy success without conceding a goal. On the shields the forwards, from Candellone, who with a brace confirmed that he is fine, to Sylla, who, being outgoing, showed off scoring three goals.

A note on rivals. For them deserved catwalk after winning the Promotion championship. Being confronted with the professionals can give impetus in view of the longest ever tournament (38 races) of Excellence.

In Pordenone, the new Festa (goalkeeper), Pirrello (central defender) and Sasà Burrai, in addition to the other new Giorico and Negro (who continue with a differentiated program), were absent due to muscular problems, Mr. Di Carlo lined up his 4- 3-1-2 in which young Passador, Biscontin and Baldassar and veterans like Misuraca, engaged in the play-off occasion, were seen.

Just the Sicilian midfielder triggered Candellone in the 15 ‘, whose header was neutralized by Pellegrinuzzi. Two minutes later the same Candellone scored the advantage of the lizards, putting in a cross from the left from Ingrosso. Another two turns of hands and the former Torino striker propitiated the encore, recovering the ball and serving Baldassar, who with a nice shot overtook Pellegrinuzzi.

While in control of the game, Pordenone did not appear to be very perky in the first 45 minutes, however closed on the score of 3-0 thanks again to Candellone.

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In the second half, Di Carlo changed the entire team, in which Benedetti, a left-back just taken from the Citadel, was admired for the first time with the green and black shirt. Zammarini, always proactive, instead took over the captain’s armband from Bassoli.

Just the Cremonese midfielder played the charge, putting a hand in the fourth and fifth goals already arrived at 8 ‘and 13’. First he served Sylla, who sent the ball into the corner, then from his conclusion on the crossbar Secli picked up the ball and with a great left-handed he beat Pellegrinuzzi. A little later came Sylla’s 6-0, who then closed the score with seven to go by tapping in the 7-0.

The positive notes for Di Carlo were not lacking starting with the confirmation of players like Zammarini, who will be useful both as a midfielder and also as an insertion trocar. Given the vivacity of Candellone, which was repeated after the hat-trick achieved in the stint with Tarvisio, the worker attitude of Magnaghi was liked, returned with a great desire to win after his loan experience at Pontedera.

On Monday 25th Pordenone resumes training, thus opening the second week of retreat in Val Canale. The friendly match with Simone Motta’s Primavera on Wednesday (in Tarvisio, at 5.15 pm) is at the door, while the test against Foggia is scheduled for Sunday at 5.30 pm in Malborghetto.

The outing with the Boscaglia group will close the Tarvisian period. After a couple of days of rest the green lizards will in fact resume sweating at De Marchi, waiting for a new friendly outing scheduled for Saturday 6 August in Feltre with the Dolomiti Bellunesi. –

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