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Sports Lianliankan丨Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal helped Manchester United qualify for the Europa League ahead of schedule Liang Wenbo was suspended again and missed the snooker England match_China_De Jong_1

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Sports Lianliankan丨Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal helped Manchester United qualify for the Europa League ahead of schedule Liang Wenbo was suspended again and missed the snooker England match_China_De Jong_1

Original title: Sports Lianliankan丨Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal helped Manchester United qualify for the Europa League ahead of schedule Liang Wenbo was suspended again and missed the snooker England match

The sports world is linked and watched, and the daily sports news has been known earlier! This is the latest news of today’s sports that Xiaobian has collected for you.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored, Manchester United won 3-0 and qualified for the Europa League ahead of schedule

At 03:00 on October 28th, Beijing time (20:00 on the 27th, local time in the UK), the fifth round of the 2022/23 Europa League Group E began. Manchester United defeated Sharif 3-0 at home, Dalot, Rashford Germany and C Ronaldo have scored goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Gamacho, Eriksen, Malaysia and Lindelof alternated. In the 44th minute, Eriksson took a corner kick, and Dalot scored a header from a small angle in front.

Manchester United 1-0, Dalot

In the 65th minute, Luke Shaw made a cross from the left side of the penalty area, and Rashford scored with a header, 2-0. In the 81st minute, B Fei made an oblique pass from the right, and Ronaldo’s header was saved and then shot into the net from close range, 3-0.

Manchester United 2-0, Rashford

Manchester United 3-0, Ronaldo

Ronaldo has scored 2 goals in the Europa League this season. In his career, he has scored 145 goals in Europe, including 140 in the Champions League, 1 in the qualifying round, 2 in the Europa League, and 2 in the European Super Cup. Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals in the European war ranked first in history, 12 more than Messi.

De Jong’s pass, Eindhoven’s Europa League 2-0 win over Arsenal

At 00:45 on October 28th, Beijing time (18:45 on the 27th local time in the Netherlands), the 5th round of Group C of the 2022/23 Europa League began. Arsenal lost 0-2 away to PSV Eindhoven, Luke · De Jong shot, Wilman scored. Eindhoven got another qualifying spot.

Nketiah, Vieira, Lokonga, Tierney and Holding were in rotation. In the 55th minute, Luke De Jong passed the ball and Wilman shot into the net from the edge of the penalty area. In the 63rd minute, Gakpo took a corner kick and Luke De Jong scored a header from the edge of the penalty area, 2-0.

PSV 1-0, Wilman

PSV Eindhoven 2-0, Luke de Jong

Abraham’s goal, Shalawi’s own goal, Rome’s 2-1 win in the Europa League

At 03:00 on October 28th, Beijing time (21:00 on the 27th local time in Finland), the fifth round of the 2022/23 Europa League Group C started. Roma won 2-1 away from Helsinki. Abraham scored, Shalawi makes the opponent’s oolong.

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Volpato, Shalawi, Zaleski and Wiener alternated. In the 41st minute, Pellegrini made a free kick from the right, and Abraham scored a header in front of the penalty area.

Roma 1-0, Abraham

Helsinki equalized in the 54th minute, Abu Bakari passed the ball, and Hetmayi shot into the lower left corner from 14 yards, 1-1. In the 62nd minute, Shalawi cut a pass from the left side of the penalty area and was blocked by Hoskorn, 2-1.

Helsinki 1-1, Hetmaj

Roma 2-1, Hoskoen own goal

Liang Wenbo was suspended again and forced to withdraw from snooker England, the official did not explain the reason

On the evening of October 27, Beijing time, the WST official website announced: WPBSA suspended Chinese snooker player Liang Wenbo from participating in all competitions approved by WPBSA.

This is the second time Liang Wenbo has been suspended this year-he was originally scheduled to play in the 2022 Snooker England Open qualifying match on the evening of October 27, Beijing time, but was forced to retire.

The official statement did not specify the reason for the suspension, but simply stated that “this is due to an ongoing investigation into allegations of misconduct” and that “the temporary suspension will continue until the end of the investigation or the end of the disciplinary process.” Separately, the statement said, “WPBSA will not make further comment until the investigation is completed.”

On the evening of October 27th, Beijing time, the third match day of the 2022 Snooker England Open Qualifying Tournament continued. Three Chinese players were originally scheduled to play on that day. In the second period, Ding Junhui showed his strong firepower. With 3 100s and 1 50+, he swept England’s Ian Burns 4-0 with a big score and advanced to the main match. This is Ding Junhui’s fifth victory this season and his fourth qualifying victory.

U20 Asian Cup China Team Schedule: First match against Japan at 18:00 on March 3, 2023

The AFC officially announced the 2023 U20 Asian Cup schedule, which will be played in Uzbekistan from March 1 to 18, 2023. The group stage of this tournament is from March 1 to March 9, 2023, and the knockout stage is from March 11 to 18.

China U20 national football group stage schedule is as follows (Beijing time):

March 3, 2023 18:00 China vs Japan

March 6, 2023 20:00 China vs Saudi Arabia

March 9, 2023 20:00 China vs Kyrgyzstan

NBA team market value ranking: Warriors lead with $7 billion, Lakers third

On October 28, Beijing time, “Forbes” announced the NBA team’s market value ranking in 2022. The Warriors’ market value rose to $7 billion and ranked first, the Knicks ranked second, and the Lakers ranked third.

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1. Warriors $7 billion 2. Knicks $6.1 billion 3. Lakers $5.9 billion 4. Bulls $4.1 billion 5. Celtics $4 billion 6. Clippers $3.9 billion 7. Nets $3.5 billion 8. Mavericks $3.3 billion9, Rockets $3.2 billion10, 76ers $3.15 billion11, Raptors $3.1 billion12, Heat $3 billion13, Suns $2.7 billion14, Wizards $2.5 billion15, Bucks $2.3 billion 16. Trail Blazers $2.1 billion 17, Cavaliers $2.05 billion 18, Kings $2.03 billion 19, Jazz $2.025 billion 20, Spurs $2 billion 21, Eagles $1.975 billion 22, Nuggets $1.93 billion 23, Pistons $1.9 billion 24. Thunder $1.875 billion 25, Magic $1.85 billion 26, Pacers $1.8 billion 27, Hornets $1.7 billion 28, Timberwolves $1.67 billion 29, Grizzlies $1.65 billion 30, Pelicans $1.6 billion

News in one sentence>>>

The Xinxiang WTT World Cup final officially kicked off on October 27. On the first day of the competition, Ma Long, Wang Chuqin, and Wang Manyu and Chen Meng, who performed poorly in the last Macau Championship, all successfully advanced to the quarterfinals, but Lin Gaoyuan lost to the German veteran. Boll, “one round tour” for two consecutive wars.

On the evening of October 27th, in the 8th round of the CBA regular season, Shanxi played against Beijing. The Beijing team made a mistake in the last 1.7 seconds. Zeng Fanbo caught the ball and stepped on the sideline. The Shanxi team narrowly defeated the Beijing team 97-95.

The regular season of the new NBA season continues, and the Denver Nuggets beat the Lakers 110-99 at home. The Lakers suffered a 4-game losing streak.

The Chinese Super League officially announced the best player in the 19th round, and Wu Lei, who scored a hat-trick against the Meizhou Hakka game, was selected as the best player.

Reus is still unable to participate in team training, and he has to start worrying about whether he will be able to catch up with the World Cup.

Former NBA player Eric Bledsoe was arrested on Wednesday for domestic violence. It is worth mentioning that just a few hours before the arrest, a media person from China revealed that the CBA powerhouse Shanghai Men’s Basketball Team, which had a bad start to the season, had signed a “blood cloth”.

Liverpool manager Klopp has been fined £30,000 for misconduct, the FA has confirmed. Liverpool beat Manchester City 1-0 in the 11th round of the Premier League. In the 86th minute of the campaign, Salah was brought down by Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva. The referee did not make a penalty. Klopp protested to the referee on the sidelines, and then Got a red card.

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Schalke 04 officially announced that 49-year-old German coach Thomas Rice will be the head coach.

On October 26, local time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico and the National Olympic Committee issued a joint statement, officially launching the bid for the 2036 Summer Olympics, and will set up a promotion committee on November 30, and then evaluate and determine the bid city.

Ingram is in a concussion protection agreement and will miss the Pelicans for three straight games.

On the evening of October 27th, Beijing time, the 2022 International Shooting Federation Rifle Shooting World Championships ended. The Chinese team topped the list with 27 golds, 16 silvers, 15 bronzes, and a total of 58 medals. India ranked second, and Norway rose to third.

The 2022 BWF World Tour French Open ended the third day of competition, and many Chinese teams entered the quarterfinals of singles. Lu Guangzu fought hard to win the promotion, He Bingjiao and Han Yue both won the game, and Chen Yufei and Wang Zhiyi won first and then lost regretfully.

Event Preview >>>

Today (10.28)

08:00 NBA regular season Clippers – Thunder

08:15 NFL regular season Ravens – Buccaneers

10:00 NBA Regular Season Heat – Warriors

10:00 NBA Regular Season Grizzlies – Kings

11:00 CBA regular season Sichuan-Fujian

15:00 CBA regular season Qingdao-Guangsha

15:00 Chinese Football Association U21 League Nanjing City U21 – Shanghai Shenhua U21

15:00 WTT World Cup Singles Quarterfinal 1

15:30 CBA regular season Zhejiang-Shandong

19:00 WTT World Cup Singles Quarterfinal 2

19:35 CBA regular season Xinjiang-Guangdong

20:00 CBA regular season Tongxi-Ningbo

Tomorrow morning (10.29)

02:00 F1 Mexican Grand Prix first practice session

02:30 Bundesliga round 12 Bremen-Hertha Berlin

03:00 Ligue 1 round 13 Lens-Toulouse

03:00 La Liga round 12 Mallorca – Espanyol

05:00 F1 Mexican Grand Prix second practice session

07:00 NBA Regular Season Eagles-Pistons

07:00 NBA Regular Season Hornets – Magic

07:30 NBA regular season Cavaliers – Celtics

07:30 NBA regular season 76ers – Raptors

07:30 NBA regular season Pacers – Wizards

08:00 NBA regular season Knicks-Bucks

08:00 NBA regular season Lakers – Timberwolves

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