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Super Jacobs, European Gold Champion in the final of the 100 in Monaco

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Marcell flies and passes Hughes and Azu. The title conquered with a time of 9 “95 Two hours earlier he had qualified by winning the third semifinal in 10” clear


We will have to stop looking at Marcell Jacobs’ faces and start watching him run. Because it is a pleasure and above all because it is what he knows how to do, like no one else in circulation, like few in the world.

The Olympic champion takes the European title of 100 meters and it is useless to scale the scale of success after all that has happened between the two golds. He counts that he has the flag tied at his waist again, like he carries it, and that he popped out between two Englishmen who thought they could screw him, who imagined they could and one, the silver Hughes, even thought he had succeeded. Instead the podium says like this: Jacobs 9 “95, primacy of the equal European championships, Hughes 9” 99 and Azu 10 “13.

Burning 100 meters in a time that is not yours because a season of torments even taught you to brake is not so obvious: «There was tension, the start was not that great. I came out well, thank goodness. I felt my calf close before the semifinal. My head was full of bad thoughts. Simple contracture, fortunately, but the season was all complicated ». So much so that it would have been easy to archive it as lost, at least the outdoor one, because in March Jacobs won an indoor World Cup and with all the indoor specialists. A confirmation that, however, was not enough to keep away from doubts when everything started to turn wrong. And the whole world started looking at Jacobs’ face. The face suffered on his return from Kenya, after the gastroenteritis, the grimaces at the first seasonal outing in Savona where he stops for the first time, the drawn expression at the presentation of the Golden Gala that will not run and still bold eyes before other retreats and serious look at the Italian championships in Rieti to watch distant chronometers and from him and the confidence shown in Eugene’s face at the World Championships and then retire to the heats. A collection of mimics and intensity of glances, studied more than his strides and departures than him.

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Up to here, in Monaco, where before being the only Italian after Mennea, king of the 100 meters, he is still the one who wears a different serenity and then is the one who twists his chin because all of a sudden he has the taping on him and whoever he observes wonders if he will really be ready to run. Yes, Jacobs had no uncertainties. His coach and mentor, Paolo Camossi, tells the minutes before the final: «He was very good, perhaps he shouldn’t have risked but he wanted to do it and now he has silenced all those who questioned him. He wanted to win it. In drums he was embarrassing ». In the battery, closed in 10 net without pulling at all, we saw his ability to raise the frequencies, his talent, then again the tension, the pain, but it was not really the time to do the calculations, you have to get out of months of stalled and Jacobs could only do it by going fast: «I’m happy and satisfied, even if the weather is not the best. I always look for the best. Half the people didn’t even think I’d come here. But the work pays off. If I’m okay, I’ll do great things again. Whoever goes against me gives me even more energy to go faster and faster ».

It is not the carefree Jacobs who tied the tricolor knot on his hip after the Olympics, but the flag is still there, hanging in the same way on another gold. One of those pure golds that are fine this way, to start over, without any need to put a face on it. –

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