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taken to hospital- TV Courier

Lucas Buades was celebrating under the curve when he was hit: he remained on the ground for minutes and would have suffered a concussion

The match in Ligue 2, the French Serie B, between Bordeaux and Rodez, valid for the 38th and last day, in which the Bordeaux team could have celebrated their return to the top flight, has turned from a party into a nightmare. In fact, it was first suspended and then definitively interrupted due to the gesture of a fan of the local team, who entered the pitch and hit Lucas Buadés, midfielder of the away team who was exulting after scoring the goal that had unlocked the game .

Buadés collapsed to the ground and remained there for more than three minutes, while the referee, applying the regulation, first suspended the match by sending the teams back to the locker room, then having ascertained the impossibility for the affected player to be able to return to the field decided to declare the match closed. “He was hit violently – explained the referee, Nicolas Rainville – and they tell me he suffered a concussion”. In fact Buadés, according to what his team later made known, was taken to hospital. So now Bordeaux, after the league disciplinary commission meeting already set for Monday June 5, will most likely lose the match 0-3 by default and say goodbye to the dream of returning to Ligue. At the same time this decision would save Rodez from relegation, to which Annecy would be condemned. (ANSA-AFP).

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June 3, 2023 – Updated June 3, 2023, 12:47 am

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