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Ten years at the foot of the Qinling Mountains, football roads use sports to empower rural revitalization-Headline Focus_State-owned enterprise party building

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Original Title: Ten Years of Football Road at the Foot of Qinling Mountains Use Sports to Empower Rural Revitalization

Xinhua News Agency, Xi’an, May 27 (Reporter Zheng Xin) “Pass the ball to me!”

This weekend, the 10th Football League in Huyi District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province kicked off and explored rural football development activities. A group of young rural football players and grassroots football experts, under the support and guidance of former international footballer Xu Yang, met friends and competed in skills , Use your feet to explore the way football can empower rural revitalization.

On the morning of the 27th, in Caijiapo Village, Shijing Street, Huyi District, the “National Rural Tourism Key Village”, the majestic Qinling Mountains showed its beautiful side in the mist and rain. In the football training base in Murakami, the players braved the wind and rain to actively chase and fight, which attracted many villagers and tourists to stop and watch. Xu Yang, who is here, said frankly that being able to appreciate the beauty of the Qinling Mountains at close range, compete with young and old players, and feel the purity of rural football is a unique experience in his football career.

In recent years, Caijiapo Village has held a series of immersive cultural and tourism experience activities such as the “Guanzhong Mangba Art Festival”, which has not only brought a new style of art to the village, but also made it a place for many urban residents to spend spring and summer on weekends. Red” village. And this exploration of rural football development activity, by organizing villagers to participate in the event guarantee service and promoting and selling local “local products”, has set up a stage for rural sports fans to participate in events and realize their football dreams, and also provides local rural tourism Fusion adds a more sporty element.

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In the afternoon of the same day, with a whistle, the 10th “Bank of China·Sunwell Real Estate Cup” Football League in Huyi District, Xi’an City officially kicked off at the reconstructed City Sports Park Football Stadium. In the next six months, 8 participating teams from enterprises, colleges and social organizations in the region will compete in 14 rounds and 56 games. In the past ten years, the Huyi District Football League and the Football Association Cup have attracted 280 teams and a total of 8,250 people participated in 789 games, allowing more and more urban and rural residents to run to the stadium to sweat.

In recent years, the Huyi District Football Association of Xi’an City has adhered to the working idea of ​​”training and popularization as the fulcrum, competition as the lever, and rural football as the characteristic”, actively encourages social forces to participate in the development of football, promotes the cultivation of young talents, and fosters the development of football soil. With the help of cooperation models such as establishing a youth training system with local clubs and rural public welfare education, Huyi District has sent more than 100 football seedlings to Shaanxi Province, Xi’an City echelons and key prestigious schools. Through the holding of the three brand events of the Football Association Cup, the Annual League and the Youth Lunar New Year Cup, the social foundation of football has been further consolidated, and the level of coaches and referees has been continuously improved.

“Empower the countryside with sports and brighten life with football. Huyi District, as the first batch of football development characteristic areas in Xi’an, will further launch a series of rural football revitalization plans in the future to help more children get close to football, fall in love with football, and satisfy the grassroots. A good wish to participate in national fitness.” said Zhang Yanlong, chairman of the Football Association of Huyi District, Xi’an. (over)

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