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The First National Student (Youth) Games Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition Begins in Liuzhou, Guangxi

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The first National Student (Youth) Games Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition began today in Liuzhou City, Guangxi. This three-day competition brings together young athletes from all over the country to showcase their talent and vitality.

The artistic gymnastics event is the first competition of its kind in Liuzhou, marking an exciting milestone for the Youth League. The competition, which runs from October 28th to October 30th, features a total of 77 athletes from 16 teams across the nation. The Nanning Sports Delegation, for instance, sent 9 athletes to compete in all events, with 5 of them hailing from Liuzhou. The rhythmic gymnastics competition includes various events such as rope, ball, circle, stick, belt, and freehand.

The collective all-around qualifying competition, held on the morning of the 28th, started the series of events. Six teams participated in this category, with each team performing with 5 ropes and 5 balls. The athletes showcased their skills and choreographed movements, aiming to impress the judges with the degree of difficulty and precision. The Nanning Sports Delegation’s team included Ye Qiao, Huang Wei, Deng Jiayi, Huang Yulei, Sun Yanjia, and Meng Chengruo. They displayed remarkable flexibility, coordination, and musicality during the competition, earning a score of 19.35 points.

Huang Yulei and Ye Qiao Huang Wei, first-time participants in a national competition, admitted feeling a bit nervous but were glad they were able to complete their routine without major mistakes. They expressed their determination to improve their performance in the upcoming matches.

Yuan Jia, the coach of Nanning Sports Delegation’s artistic gymnastics team, praised the athletes for their outstanding performance under the pressure of competing in their hometown. He hopes they continue to prepare diligently and showcase their true potential during future matches.

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Looking ahead, the competition will continue on October 29th, determining the rankings for the collective all-around and individual Group B all-around events. This National Student (Youth) Games Rhythmic Gymnastics competition promises to be an exciting and memorable event for all participants.

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