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The Rise of Intellectual Sports: Exploring the High-Quality Development of Innovative Competitions

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National participation in innovative competitions – looking at the high-quality development of intellectual sports from the perspective of the Five Intelligence Clubs

Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, November 5th (Reporter Zhou Chang) The game was played in black and white, and the game was silent. During the Fifth National Mind Games, nearly 5,000 contestants gathered in Hefei, Anhui Province to achieve transcendence and breakthroughs, and gain glory and glory. With the successful conclusion of the Five Wisdoms Conference, Chinese intellectual sports are about to enter the next chapter. The new look and new exploration of intellectual sports in the Five Wisdoms Conference will also leave a deep mark on the development of intellectual sports.

National participation: more than 3.8 million contestants with an age difference of up to 70 years

There are 52 participating units, with nearly 5,000 direct participants, and more than 3.8 million people participating in the competition selection activities…

“This Intellectual Games is the largest in the history of the Intellectual Games, with the largest number of participants, the best publicity effect, and the most outstanding comprehensive benefits. It has achieved a double harvest of sports performance and spiritual civilization.” State Sports General Administration Chess and Cards Zhu Guoping, director of the Sports Management Center, said at the closing ceremony of the Five Wisdoms Association.

The closing ceremony of the 5th National Mind Games. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Chang

In order to give full play to the comprehensive effect and driving role of the Wise Games and adhere to the people-centered development idea, with the approval of the State Sports General Administration, the Wise Games set up a public open group for the first time, including a community (township) group, a parent-child group, and a network group. The categories will adopt three stages: auditions in each province, region and city, national preliminaries, and Smart Games finals.

“A total of about 300 players from 87 teams across the country participated in the community (township) group and parent-child group in the preliminaries, providing a platform for mass players to display and communicate.” Wang, deputy director of the Comprehensive Development Department of the Chess and Card Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration Jianxin said that the youngest athlete of the Wuzhihui is only 6 years old and participates in the Go competition, and the oldest athlete is 76 years old and participates in the bridge team competition.

The online competition of the Five Wisdom Association and the “I want to be smart” National Chess and Cards National Online Competition adopt the form of a combination of online online competition auditions and offline face-to-face online finals. In 4 months, more than 3.8 million fans from all over the country participated, and 64 finalists were produced.

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“The setting up of public open group competitions is an important measure for the Intellectual Games to exert its multiple social functions and comprehensive values, embody national chess and card participation, and provide participation channels for the majority of enthusiasts. Through this event, the amateur cultural life of the public will be enriched and the people will be strengthened. The people’s sense of participation, gain and happiness.” Wang Jianxin said.

Innovative Games: “Game Exhibition and Advancement” Expands the “Science and Technology Style” Inside and Out of the Competition

Intellectual sports represented by chess and card sports are an important part of my country’s sports industry, an important measure to promote the high-quality development of chess and card projects, an important means to help build a strong sports and cultural country, and an important part of China’s plan to build a world intellectual sports explore.

Bridge match scene. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Chang

Yu Yong, director of the Hefei Municipal Sports Bureau, introduced that based on learning from the experience of holding previous Smart Games, combined with Hefei’s reality and the requirements for high-quality sports development in the new era, the Five Smart Games have set up 4 “games”, “exhibitions”, “discussions” and “advancements”. sections.

Organizing competitions is the core content of the Five Intellectual Games. The traditional competition events of the Intelligent Games are specifically hosted by each district in Hefei City. At the same time, expanded events such as Rubik’s Cube, memory, e-sports, and drones were held offline in Hefei, as well as the Internet Intellectual Games finals, and an egg-breaking competition for performance events was held in Huai’an, Jiangsu, further expanding the scope of intellectual sports events.

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On the opening day of the Five Intelligence Conference, the 2023 China·Hefei Smart Sports Expo was also launched simultaneously. More than 300 brands participated in the exhibition. The AI ​​chess-playing robot attracted a lot of attention, showing a new scene of “sports + culture + industry”.

AI chess-playing robot. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Chang

At the AI ​​and Mental Sports Forum, people in the sports industry and business representatives participated in discussions to explore the vision for the high-quality development of mental sports. Many relevant practitioners believe that technology should be actively embraced and the combination of AI and intellectual sports should be actively explored.

In the “Five Advances” activities, well-known chess players and masters participated in popularizing intellectual sports projects and broadening the ways for the masses to participate in the competition. Small chess classes, chess game experience activities, and on-site teaching by professional chess players have brought intellectual sports to the people, and are deeply loved by the masses, making intellectual sports more down-to-earth and popular.

The emblem is based on “brain waves”; the naked-eye 3D video at the opening ceremony is combined with “robot dance” to create an opening show; all events are broadcast live online, and AI is used to scientifically arrange the schedule… Lu Zhiyong, deputy director of the Hefei Municipal Sports Bureau, watched Today, there is a strong “technical style” both inside and outside the arena of the Wuzhi Games, which demonstrates the charm of the Wuzhi Games and also highlights the unique urban temperament of Hefei’s “Corico spirit”.

Booming development: The overall level continues to improve, AI helps high-quality development

“Sixty years ago, the Chinese Go Association and the Xiangqi Association were established in Hefei, which wrote a colorful chapter in Hefei for the history of intellectual sports in New China; sixty years later, intellectual sports and Hefei met hand in hand across Jiazi, unveiling the vigorous development of intellectual sports in China. A new chapter in development.” Hefei Mayor Luo Yunfeng said at the opening ceremony of the Five Wisdoms Association.

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Over the past sixty years, the number of participants in intellectual sports has continued to increase, and the National Intellectual Games has emerged as the times require, becoming the largest and highest-level comprehensive intellectual sports event in my country.

Li Minghua, a national-level bridge referee who participated in all five Intellectual Games, deeply felt the continuous development and progress of China’s intellectual sports. “The medals in the bridge event this time are no longer just concentrated on a few strong teams in the past, which shows that this event The overall level is rising.” He hopes that China’s intellectual sports projects can be further expanded and the scope of participation will continue to be expanded.

2023 China·Hefei Smart Sports Expo. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Chang

Wang Runan, the honorary chairman of the Chinese Go Association who participated in the Five Wisdoms Association’s “Five Advances” activities, said that during the Five Wisdoms Association Go events, the purpose of organizing Go world champions and Asian Games champions to come to campus is to give greater encouragement to young Go enthusiasts. They have always loved the sport and worked tirelessly.

“Intellectual sports should be a sport where the public can participate and gain happiness together.” Jiang Yi, a host who has long been concerned about the development of intellectual sports, believes that the newly added community (township) groups and parent-child groups in the Five Intelligence Association reflect the importance of intellectual sports. With regard to hot spots and development directions, a large-scale increase in young players is an inevitable trend. We hope to continue to increase the promotion of intellectual sports and strengthen regulation and guidance.

It has also become a consensus in the industry to actively explore new paths for AI to promote the high-quality development of intellectual sports.

The relevant person in charge of the Chess and Card Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration said that the center has always adhered to “keeping integrity and innovation”, actively conforming to the development trend of intelligence and digitalization,…

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