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Tianjin Pioneers Prepare for CBA Preseason with New Additions

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CBA Preseason Schedule Released: Tianjin Pioneers Prepare for Sprint

Tonight’s News (Reporter Wang Zi) – The CBA League has officially announced the preseason schedule for the upcoming season, set to start on September 11. Among the participating teams, the Tianjin Pioneers are gearing up for their first match against the Xinjiang team on October 13. Following this, they will continue their preseason journey with subsequent matches against the Xinjiang team on October 14 and 15, and finally against the Zhejiang Guangsha team and Jilin team.

In late August, the Tianjin team embarked on a training camp in Yantai, Shandong. The arrival of two foreign aids, Burton and Tevin Mack, added firepower to the roster. However, James, the big foreign aid who joined the team later, chose to stay behind rather than attending the camp. He opted to familiarize himself with the team’s dynamics. Upon his return on September 9, the Tianjin team’s general had only one day off before resuming preparations for the upcoming matches. James promptly joined the team’s training sessions as well.

James’ prior experience working with coach Zhang Qingpeng last season has expedited his integration into the team. After more than two weeks of training with the entire squad, both Burton and Mack have shown significant improvements in their gameplay. Mack, in particular, showcased excellent adaptability during training sessions, earning commendation from the coaching staff.

Tomorrow, the Tianjin team is scheduled to undergo a physical fitness test, which is postponed by one day from the original plan. The players are determined to be in optimum physical condition to welcome the new season. As the CBA preseason approaches, the Tianjin team still has nearly a month of preparation time. With the addition of James, the team has successfully assembled its core players, with the exception of Lin Tingqian. Moving forward, coach Zhang Qingpeng will focus on team cohesion through technical and tactical drills.

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As the CBA preseason draws nearer, excitement brews within the Tianjin Pioneers camp. The team’s meticulous preparations and unwavering determination are bound to make this upcoming season a thrilling ride for both players and fans alike. Stay tuned for more updates on the Tianjin Pioneers’ journey towards greatness.

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