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US Open: Zhang Shuai Stosur 2-1 US combination wins second Grand Slam women’s doubles_McNally

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Original title: US Open: Zhang Shuai Stosur 2-1 US combination to win the second Grand Slam women’s doubles

Sohu Sports News In the early morning of September 13, Beijing time, the 2021 tennis Grand Slam US Open continued. In the women’s doubles final, the 14th seed Zhang Shuai/Stosur combination fell into a three-set battle, 63/3- 6/6-3 defeated the American combination Gove/McNally and successfully won the US Open women’s doubles championship. Zhang Shuai won his second Grand Slam championship after the 2019 Australian Open women’s doubles, and Stosur was the fourth individual Grand Slam doubles championship.

When Zhang Shuai did not make a breakthrough in the singles, he performed even better in doubles. In 2012, he reached the quarter-finals of the US Open women’s doubles. Since then, he has partnered with the Australian star Stosur, who was the 2011 US Open women’s singles champion. Before Zhang Shuai partnered with Stosur, he scored 7 Grand Slam doubles finals and won two championships. Zhang Shuai has further improved his record after partnering with Stosur in doubles. In 2018, he reached the US Open Women’s Doubles semi-finals, and more in 2019. He won the Australian Open women’s doubles championship and became the sixth Chinese Grand Slam champion.

The former US Open partner Zhang Shuai Stosur won the Cincinnati Championship and played as the No. 14 seed on the US Open. The road to promotion did not miss a set and reached the finals. In the final of Zhang Shuai’s combination, the opponents were the 17-year-old Goff and the 19-year-old McNally of the US youth combination. During the promotion process, they eliminated the top seed Xie Shuwei combination and broke into the Grand Slam doubles final for the first time. Zhang Shuai will hit his second Grand Slam doubles championship in this game. If the winner will be tied with Zheng Jie, Peng Shuai and Yan Zi, he will become the player who won the most Grand Slam doubles championships in China, and Stosur will usher in a personal big. Slam doubles fourth crown.

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In the first set of the game, Stosur succeeded in keeping his serving round as the first to serve, and the two pairs completed their respective guarantees and scored to a 2-2 tie. In the fifth game, Stosur’s serving round was impacted by the opponent. After a double error, the score reached 30-30. Then, after Stosur’s baseline forehand scored, Zhang Shuai volleyed and scored to complete the serve. In the sixth inning, Gove’s serving round suffered a shock. After a double error, he was shot out of bounds after a 30-30 tie and sent a break point. Zhang Shuai’s combination failed to grasp the opportunity. McNally then scored consecutive volleys to complete the serve 3-3. flat.

Zhang Shuai’s combination continued to easily secure the serve. In the eighth game, they once again attacked the opponent’s serve. After the score reached 40-40, the Goofu combination came to the net with a stalemate. Nei got a break point, and then Stosur completed a high-quality volley to break a 5-3 lead. Next came the serve of Zhang Shuai’s combination to win the game. Stosur’s serving round scored four points in a row, and Zhang Shuai’s combination won the first set 6-3.

In the second set, the scores came to a 1-1 draw with their respective guarantees. In the third set, McNally suffered an impact on the serving round. After a 30-30 draw, Goofel made a volley and sent a break point. After that, the U.S. combination improved its status and completed the guarantee. In the fourth game, Zhang Shuai also suffered a break point in his serve round. After that, he improved his serve and kept the score to a 2-2 tie, and then the scores of their respective guards came to a 3-3 tie in the next round. In the seventh game, Zhang Shuai’s combination once again hit McNally’s serving round. Stosur volleyed and scored a 30-30 tie. Then Zhang Shuai’s bottom line backhand crossed the score to a 40-40 tie, and McNally sent a double break point by mistake. , But Zhang Shuai combination failed to seize the opportunity, McNally completed a 4-3 lead.

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In the eighth game, Zhang Shuai’s serving round encountered a strong challenge from his opponent. After the score reached 30-30, Stosur made a volley and sent a break point. After Zhang Shuai served to save a break point, Zhang Shuai crossed the ball out of bounds and sent a break point. , And finally lost the game after saving another break point. After the Goff team broke serve, they took the lead 5-3, and the next serve win set successfully completed the guarantee. They won the second set 6-3 and the total score reached 1-1. This is also what Zhang Shuai’s team lost in the United States this year. The first set.

In the deciding set, Zhang Shuai took a 2-1 lead in the opening stage. In the fourth game, he took the lead to attack the opponent’s serve. McNally sent a break point after a double error in the serve round. Since then, he has experienced 5 deuces to the United States. Difficult to secure a 2-2 tie. In the seventh game, the game fluctuated again. Zhang Shuai’s serving round and the United States began to attack, the bottom line continued to pull in, and Gao Fu changed to a straight line to complete the crossing to get a 40-15 break point. After that, Zhang Shuai continued to complete the serve and scored difficult to keep serving 4-3. Lead.

In the eighth inning, the American team failed to break serve. There were constant turnovers in this serve. After a 30-15 lead, the bottom line was struggling with multiple shots. Se Zheng took the serve and finished the break 5-3 lead. Next came the serve of Zhang Shuai’s combination to win the championship. After missing a match point, they successfully secured serve and won the final set 6-3. After the 2019 Australian Open, the Zhang Shuai/Stosur combination won the second Grand Slam women’s doubles championship since the two partners.Return to Sohu to see more

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