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Xiaoshan District Amateur Football League enters the Asian Games venues to let more golfers enjoy the passion of the green_Hangzhou Net

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Amateur Football League Opens at Hangzhou Asian Games Venue

The Xiaoshan District Amateur Football League and the Xiaoshan District Youth Football League have officially opened at the Xiaoshan Sports Central Stadium, marking the first official event held at the venue since the Hangzhou Asian Games. The event aims to provide more football fans with access to professional venues and facilities.

The Xiaoshan District Amateur Football League, which is an 8-a-side event, has gained popularity in amateur football circles in Hangzhou and Zhejiang Province since its resumption in 2018. This year, the league will host 92 games with the participation of nearly 800 athletes. Additionally, the Xiaojia League and the “Dream Cup” Youth League will be held in a short period of time, with 16 and 9 teams participating, respectively.

After the opening ceremony, the Xiaoshan Yuanmeng Veterans Team played an exhibition match against the Zhejiang University Women’s Football Team, which will also participate in the “Senior Cup” competition as a specially invited team. According to Lin Chun, secretary-general of the Xiaoshan District Football Association, the inclusion of the Zhejiang University team will help improve the technical aspect of the game and promote the development of football culture in the area.

In recent years, the Xiaoshan District has opened its doors to teams from other districts and counties in Hangzhou in an effort to expand the football population and allow more fans to participate. Additionally, the district has welcomed foreigners and retired professional players to join in the amateur football events. This has helped to cultivate more stable private clubs and turn Xiaoshan amateur football events into high-standard, high-level brand events in Hangzhou and Zhejiang.

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Xiaoshan is one of the first batch of sports modernization zones in Zhejiang Province and the Xiaoshan Sports Center Stadium has experienced the “baptism” of the Asian Games. With the “post-Asian Games era” approaching, the district aims to restore and inherit traditional events. The “Xiao Jia” and “Yuan Meng” events will last for nearly two months, uniting the spirit of competitive sports and helping Xiaoshan build an “event city”.

The event marks a significant step for the Xiaoshan District, providing access to top-tier facilities for amateur football leagues and promoting the growth of football culture in the area.

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