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Zhang Siyang, the image spokesperson of the Uswing mirror in the Grand Slam, won the Best Amateur Player Award at the British Women’s Open_Zhang_Rose_Field

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Zhang Siyang, the image spokesperson of the Uswing mirror in the Grand Slam, won the Best Amateur Player Award at the British Women’s Open_Zhang_Rose_Field

Original title: Zhang Siyang, the image spokesperson for the Uswing mirror in the Grand Slam, won the Best Amateur Player Award at the British Women’s Open

From August 4th to 7th, the last women’s Grand Slam of the year, the British Women’s Open, was held at the classic Links Muirfield Stadium in Scotland. After going to the Evian Championship in July and reaching the finals, Rose Zhang, a 19-year-old Chinese-American, the spokesperson of Uswing’s mirror image, the number one amateur in the world, and Chinese-American, appeared in the Grand Slam again.

This is the second year in a row that Rose Zhang has competed in the British Women’s Open. In the end, after 4 rounds of hard work, she was tied for 28th with a total score of 285 (+1), and she won the Smyth Salver, the highest honor of the amateur, as she wished.

Advance to second straight major, best performance among participating amateurs

The Grand Slams have always had a tradition of prescribing seats for elite amateurs, and so has the Women’s Open. Rose Zhang was shortlisted as the 2021 McCormack Medalist.

Of the eight amateur players who participated, she was the best.

“It is a great honor to participate in the AIG Women’s Open again,” Zhang Siyang said. “The links course is different from many courses I have played in the United States. It is windy, there are few trees, the grass is not long, the ball rolls a lot, and it needs low ballistics. ground ball.

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“Every hole in Muirfield is unique. I’m very impressed with the back nines, they’re very far apart. If it’s windy, the second shot will probably have to be a 3-wood or even a 3-wood. Not necessarily hitting the greens. I think it’s quite a challenge.”

Obviously, playing on the links-style course brings Zhang Siyang and Rose Zhang a different experience.

Although the style of the court is very different, it is hard to beat a top player like Zhang Siyang and Rose Zhang. In the first round, under the bad weather conditions, Zhang Siyang Rose Zhang made 4 birdies and 5 bogeys, handed over 72 (+1), and was tied for 44th place, the highest among the eight amateur players. one.

In the second round, Zhang Siyang and Rose Zhang made a sprint, caught 3 birdies, handed over 70, and successfully entered the final. She was also the only one among the 8 amateur players to advance to the final. She said, “Playing the red letter at Muirfield has been very special. I’m very proud of my shot-by-stroke and very determined to execute my course strategy. On the way back, I won a few key guarantees. The par putt gave me a lot of motivation.”

Which meant she was the one with the Smith Tray.

For the next two days, Zhang Siyang and Rose Zhang enjoyed the game more. She had a solid 70 in the third round and a 73 in the final round.

“It was great, I was able to play four days in Muirfield. I did my best on the court, one step at a time, and I am very happy with this result,” said Zhang Siyang and Rose Zhang in an interview with the media. Brim said, “I came to the competition to understand the gap between me and the professional players, and to find areas for improvement in my game.

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“I’m very honored to receive this award, especially since this venue has a long history and this trophy has a long history. Many outstanding players have won this award. I can win this award, which shows how I have walked in the process of chasing my dreams. The way is right.”

British Women’s Open first visit to Muirfield

This is the first women’s major in Muirfield’s history. That’s a bit unusual for this classic course. You know, it has hosted the British Open 16 times. The last time the British Open was held was in 2013, and the champion was Phil Mickelson, the “left-handed king”, the biggest fan of Uswing’s magic mirror. At Muirfield, Mickelson won his only career so far in the Open Championship, his fifth major. Since then, with the help of the magic mirror, he will break the major championship drought again in 2021 and become the oldest major champion in history.

The reason for such a stark difference is that Muirfield Stadium has previously refused to admit women members. For this reason, it was once disqualified from hosting the Grand Slam by the authoritative management agency R&A (Royal Classical Golf Club).

Under pressure, Muirfield revised its membership policy in 2017 and accepted female members in 2019. This is the first visit of the British Women’s Open.

Now, the Uswing Magic Mirror has more associations with the legendary stadium, thanks to the wonderful performance of Zhang Siyang and Rose Zhang, especially when she wears the magic mirror to hold the Smith tray.Return to Sohu, see more

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