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10 secret features of iOS 17 that no one expected and every iPhone needed

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10 secret features of iOS 17 that no one expected and every iPhone needed

Did you know that iOS 17 for iPhone includes several secret features that could make your daily life easier? While Apple’s recent keynote event showcased exciting new features like interactive widgets, the Diary app, and FaceTime effects, there are some hidden gems in iOS 17 that may have gone unnoticed.

From the ability to undo app moves on the home screen to the new ability for Siri to read news from websites, iOS 17 is packed with surprises. One of the most useful secret features is automatic image cropping in the Photos app, which allows users to easily crop images by simply “zooming” with two fingers.

Additionally, iOS 17 introduces new dynamic wallpapers for the iPhone, adding a visually enriching experience to the lock screen. And if you happen to forget your passcode, iOS 17 now allows users to recover their old codes within a 72-hour limit.

The Notes app in iOS 17 also includes a new feature that allows users to add links between different notes, creating an internal link fabric for enhanced note organization. Moreover, a new button in the Control Center makes it easier to locate your Apple Watch by playing a sound from its speaker.

Another interesting feature is the Arrival Notification function, which sends automatic notifications to selected contacts when you arrive home safely. Additionally, iOS 17 allows users to create stickers from their photos with a simple tap, adding a fun and creative element to messaging.

Finally, the iOS 17 includes an almost magical accessibility feature called Personal Voice, which allows users to emulate their own voice to sound from their iPhone. This feature requires at least an iPhone 12 to work and is also available on Mac.

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Overall, iOS 17 introduces an array of hidden features and tricks that bring convenience and creativity to the iPhone user experience. From enhancing accessibility to making tasks simpler, these secret features are worth exploring to make the most of iOS 17.

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