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A model is being trimmed by Apple

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A model is being trimmed by Apple

Apple will most likely introduce the future iPhone 16 in around eight months. This year the manufacturer is being generous and is planning to equip some models with larger batteries, but one model is being trimmed down by the manufacturer. So who has to worry about tomorrow?

Modern smartphones practically never have enough of something – Battery capacity. Ideally, larger batteries also mean longer runtimes, provided the increase is not eaten up by new gadgets or power-hungry displays.

iPhone 16 Plus with less battery capacity

The iPhone 16 will also gain battery capacity, according to the latest report from well-known insider Majin Bu (source: X, formerly Twitter via MacRumors). But this does not apply to every model. The iPhone 16 Plus could lose a full 9 percent of its current battery size. Specifically, Majin Bu makes the following predictions, each in comparison to the iPhone 15 line:

iPhone 16 (standard model): 3,561 mAh instead of the previous 3,349 mAh (+6 percent) iPhone 16 Plus: 4,006 mAh instead of the previous 4,383 mAh (-9 percent) iPhone 16 Pro Max: 4,676 mAh instead of the previous 4,422 mAh (+5 percent )

Majin Bu makes no statement about the iPhone 16 Pro. However, an earlier rumor also promised a slight increase in battery capacity for this model. This means that 3,355 mAh could be available instead of the previous 3,274 mAh.

The Plus model is still a true “battery king”:

iPhone 15 Plus – Apple’s commercial

The insider also mentions one Changed design of the power storage on the iPhone 16 Pro Max. An L-shape like the current iPhone 15 Pro Max is no longer used, but Apple will use a standard rectangular design in the future.

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Less battery capacity also means less running time?!

The fairly high loss of battery capacity on the iPhone 16 Plus compared to the iPhone 15 Plus is surprising. The latter is known for its endurance. A fact that was recently brought up by Apple in its own commercial for this purpose. Does Apple now want to give up this advantage?

One can only speculate about this at the moment. However, a reduction in capacity does not always necessarily mean a loss in runtime. A more efficient chip design and other energy-saving measures could make up for the loss elsewhere.

It’s also just a rumor at the moment. The accuracy of Majin Bu’s forecasts so far is mixed. The information cannot therefore necessarily be considered certain. There will only be certainty in September 2024 when the iPhone 16 is presented.

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