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After VW embarrassment: Can Huawei fix it?

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After VW embarrassment: Can Huawei fix it?

With its own software division, VW keeps getting in trouble. Problems in development, in the team – the breakthrough has simply been a long time coming. Now the Wolfsburg are apparently looking for a partner and could meet with approval from Huawei.

Huawei should deliver software: can’t VW do it alone?

At the top of the list is probably Huawei. VW is said to be with the Chinese company about that Delivery of software components negotiate, which are used in the e-cars of Wolfsburg (source: Financial Times via winfuture).

The Chinese manufacturer has a hand in many products. First and foremost, Huawei is known from the smartphone world – and from the dispute with the US government espionage allegations. However, it has been known for some time that Huawei also has the e-car market on its radar.

According to sources at the Financial Times, the potential collaboration is at stake not all e-cars from Volkswagen. Instead, specifically the Models for the Chinese market in focus. In addition to the two so-called world cars ID.4 and the recently introduced ID.7, there is the ID.6 especially for customers from China.

Lease an e-car and collect an environmental bonus

In addition to Huawei, other Chinese software partners should also be considered. But the goal is the same everywhere: VW is weak in the Far East and wants to get back on its feet. The Volkswagen Group does most of its international business in China. But when it comes to the electric cars that are so important for the future, Tesla and the Chinese number 1 BYD are pulling further and further away. VW can currently only claim a good 2 percent of the electric car market.

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Reason for the weakness: Chinese customers lay particularly with e-cars much more value on smart functions such as language assistants and the extensive networking of their vehicles. An e-car often has to be more than a way of getting from A to B. In China today, the car is increasingly becoming a digital companion.

The latest e-car from Wolfsburg already relies more on software features:

VW shows the ID.7 in motion

Volkswagen: The software division is and will remain the problem child

With his crisis-ridden software division VW can’t really score there. Development problems with the software have already led to delays in important flagship models of the group, such as Audi and Porsche.

VW boss Oliver Blume recently replaced the management of the Cariad software division. However, he insists on the motto that VW wants to provide its own software for its electric cars. It is quite possible that the negotiations with Chinese suppliers will therefore interim solution offer should.

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