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Android phone replacement strategy, the system replacement method steps are sorted out | T Kebang

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Android phone replacement strategy, the system replacement method steps are sorted out | T Kebang

Compared with the iPhone and the operating system, the conversion is relatively simple. Because the Android system is an open ecosystem, each brand may develop its own user interface on the basis of the same operating system. Therefore, if you switch between brands, it may not be completely To convert all data or settings, sometimes you still have to manually organize the contents of the new device after changing the device. Therefore, it is very important to use various tools to back up and organize data on a daily basis, or use cloud services to back up data on the cloud. As long as you log in to your account, you can synchronize data when you are on the phone, which is also a very practical trick.

When the Android system is replaced, if the old mobile phone of the same brand is replaced by a new one, you can use the replacement tools developed by each brand to convert the mobile phone. Usually, the same brand replacement can achieve almost painless conversion, and even desktop layout, system settings, etc. can be directly transferred; For cross-brand conversion, although the data can also be converted through the Android phone replacement tool, the user interface may be different between the old and new phones, and some settings cannot be transferred directly. If Android system users want to switch to iPhone, they can use the move to iOS application launched by Apple, and follow the instructions to transfer most of the data. Setup, download and install.

The same brand Android mobile phone replacement tool selection

If you are replacing an Android phone of the same brand, you can make good use of the replacement tools launched by various brands. At present, as long as there is a mobile phone that has developed its own user interface, almost all have launched their own replacement tools, which can not only transfer data, but also All built-in device settings can be transferred painlessly.

The transfer method is similar, as long as you download the switch app of each company on the old and new mobile phones, and then follow the instructions on the screen step by step, you can transfer the data of the old mobile phone to the new mobile phone. If you want to transfer faster, you can use the cable For transmission, remember to fully charge the mobile phone before using wired transmission, so as not to transfer to half of the power, and the connection port is occupied by the transmission line, causing the transfer to fail.

If you are willing to wait for a long time, you can also use wireless transmission to save the trouble of wiring. The speed of data transfer depends on the amount of data in the old mobile phone. It can be transferred in a few minutes. Generally speaking, if you use wireless transfer method, it usually takes several hours to fully transfer.

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After the transfer is completed, it is usually necessary to wait for the mobile phone to download and install the original app again. How long this process will take also depends on the number of mobile apps. Then do the mobile phone transfer.

How to replace an old mobile phone if it is lost?

In addition to buying a new phone because of the old one, sometimes it may be because the old phone is lost and has to buy a new phone to use. In such a situation, how to transfer the data of the old phone to the new phone? If you want to completely transfer the old mobile phone data, the premise is that the old mobile phone data usually has a backup habit, so that Google can transfer the data from the cloud to the new phone, but if there is no backup habit, then the lost old data is irretrievable.

If you usually have a backup habit, you can find the “Can’t use the old device?” option in the conversion interface when you change to a new phone. After clicking, you can choose which device’s cloud backup file to restore data from. Restoreable data It depends on the user’s backup habits. If you usually upload photos and videos to the cloud for backup, even if the old device is lost, most of the data can be retrieved.

Step 1. When the new phone is set up, the option to transfer data from the old device will appear. Click “Can’t use the old device?” in the lower left corner to restore data from cloud backup.

Step 2. The backup data is stored in the Google account cloud, select the old device model to be restored, and then select the data to be restored to download the data back from the cloud.

Android phone replacement strategy, system replacement method steps

Old Android for new Android: wireless replacement with built-in tools

Google itself has launched an Android phone replacement tool. This tool can be used as long as it is a version above Android 10. When the new phone is just turned on, the option to copy data from the old phone will pop up so that users can transfer data. The two mobile phones are placed nearby and connected to the same Wi-Fi environment. Before transferring, make sure that the old and new devices are fully charged, and the old data has been backed up. Then, you can follow the system instructions to transfer applications, contacts, photos and other devices. Information such as videos, music, text messages, device settings, and call history, etc., since the old and new devices are logged into the same Google account, Google Hitachi, contacts, albums, Gmail, etc. will be automatically synchronized. The transfer time depends on the amount of data. Under the condition of 100M/40M network of Optical Generation, the transfer of 40GB data is completed in about 2 hours.

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Step 1. When the new phone is turned on for the first time to perform factory settings, the “Copy Apps and Data Options” will appear on the screen.

Step 2. Then find the Google app on the old device and open the app.

Step 3. Type “set up my device” in the Google app search box on the old device, or just use your voice.

Step 4. If the old device is successfully enabled, the new device will appear with the same pairing pattern as the old device.

Step 5. Then enter the Google account password on the new device. If you do not log in to the account temporarily, you can choose to skip this step, but the data in the account will not be synchronized.

Step 6. After the replacement of the old and new devices is completed, the connection status will be displayed on the new device, and the user is required to bring the two devices close to each other.

Step 7. Check the content to be copied on the new device one by one, the amount of data transferred and the estimated replacement time will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Step 8. Some data may not be converted by this tool, such as ringtones, apps not downloaded from Google Play, or some device settings.

Step 9. The system will also ask if you want to upload the data to Google One for backup. If you want an extra backup, you can choose to enable it, but if you don’t want to buy Google One storage space, you can choose not to.

Step 10. During the data conversion, there will be a data conversion progress bar on the new phone, and battery information can also be seen in the upper right corner.

Step 11. After the copy is completed, a reminder will pop up on the screen, but at this time, only the data in the phone memory is copied, and the app still needs time to download and install.

Android phone replacement strategy, system replacement method steps

Android to iOS: Transfer data through “Move to iOS”

Just like Google has launched an iOS replacement tool, Apple has also launched the “Move to iOS” application for users who switch from Android to iOS. Just search and download it from the Google Play Store. The use method is very simple, just need to Make sure that the two devices have been connected to Wi-Fi, and connect the power to each of the two devices (or fully charge and then transfer), and then you can start transferring data. The data that can be transferred currently includes messages, contacts, photos, videos, accounts, etc. Some free apps can also be transferred if they are available on Google Play and App Store, but if not, you have to transfer them from the App Store yourself. Downloads, music, books and PDFs require manual transfer by the user.

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Step 1. Search for the “Move to iOS” app in the Google Play Store on the old Android phone to download and install.

Step 2. After clicking Move to iOS app, select “Continue” and agree to the terms of use to transfer data.

Step 3. Select “Transfer data from Android” on the newly activated iPhone.

Step 4. A six-digit one-time code will now appear on the new iOS device.

Step 5. Enter the single character code displayed on the iOS device into the Move to iOS app.

Step 6. Then on your Android phone, select the data you want to copy to your iOS device.

Step 7. In addition to the camera, message and other data that can be directly selected in the previous step, if there are individual files that you want to transfer, you can click Add File to select the specified data to transfer.

Step 8. After selecting the data to be transferred, the estimated transfer time will be displayed on both the old and new mobile phones, and it is recommended to connect the mobile phone to a power source.

Step 9. After the transfer is completed, you can view the data transfer status on the new iOS device, and the data that cannot be transferred must be transferred manually.

Step 10. On the old Android device, you should see “Transfer Completed” to be considered as the real transfer is successful.

Step 11. After the transfer is completed, you can check whether the number of photo and video files is the same as that of the old mobile phone. Some multimedia files or applications that are transferred by message will not be transferred.

Android phone replacement strategy, system replacement method steps

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