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Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon” SGF event report Challenge powerful enemies to gain a high sense of accomplishment “FS style” game “Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon

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Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon” SGF event report Challenge powerful enemies to gain a high sense of accomplishment “FS style” game “Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment held the “Summer Game Fest 2023 (Summer Game Fest 2023)” live event held in Los Angeles, USA a few days ago. One. Hereinafter referred to as “Mercator VI”) promotional activities. This work is released overseas by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, and in Japan by FromSoftware. It is scheduled to be released globally on August 25.

  • The promotional event was carried out at the booth of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, which distributes the game overseas

This promotional event was hosted by the game producer Yasuke Ogura, and at the same time explained the series of “Machine Warfare Mercenaries”. “Men of War” is a robot action game that came out in 1997. It is a series that has continued since FromSoftware’s founding. Producer Ogura defined the most fundamental fun of the “Machine Wars Mercenary” series as “combat with an exclusive machine modified by oneself”. In the “Machine Warfare Mercenary” series, not only the appearance of the robot, but also the way of action can be adjusted by the player, which is one of the charms of the game, and it also gives birth to different ways of playing.

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And the fun that constitutes the core of the “Machine Warfare” series of games is integrated with FromSoftware’s design ideas that are very persistent in maps, plots, level design, and action elements that allow players to study on their own, creating a game that is in line with the current game. The robot action game that requires the environment is the goal of “Men Warfare VI”.

In order to be able to accomplish this goal, “Machine Warfare VI” particularly focuses on three key aspects.

  1. Three-dimensional level design with a sense of scale

  2. Combat design that emphasizes modification and combat

  3. greater sense of accomplishment

In order to achieve the first point, the game not only uses man-made buildings, but also intersperses natural terrain, providing many plots that players will not feel bored. There are many maps with sharp height differences, and it is necessary to use the unique mobility of the robot to move back and forth across them. In the game demo played during the promotional event, you can also see the appearance of using the jet to fly back and forth between places with considerable heights. This kind of action cannot be realized in games with humans as the protagonist, and it can be said to be one of the unique elements of robot action games.

“Mercator VI: Realm of Skyfire” Summer Game Festival Play Video 1

Regarding the second and third points, the combat design is very tricky. Players must perform more tactical combat actions as much as possible through repeated observation and learning. In addition, there are many scenes that must cooperate with the level or the enemy, and modify the body suitable for combat to pass the level, so that players can gain a stronger sense of accomplishment after overcoming difficulties.

This work is set to be a restart of the “Mech Warfare” series, and it deliberately retains many elements that existed in the early works. For example, the story mode will start with the task meeting as the starting point. In this game demonstration, it is to play a task of defeating lurking enemies in a huge building, and you can see a lot of situations where you have to move up and down inside the building.

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Since the building is used as an enemy base, there will be a considerable number of enemies waiting for the player around it. How to approach the enemy is also up to the player to decide. You can directly cross the bridge to meet the enemy from the front, or you can use the jet to launch a surprise attack from the air. For this demonstration, we chose to approach the enemy from the air, and then use multiple locking missiles to attack in one go. After inflicting a certain amount of damage to the enemy, switch to close combat to defeat each one, and wipe out all the enemies within two or three blows.

The next scene is hacking the locked gate to open it, hacking into the building where the enemy is lurking. At this time, it is not to launch an attack immediately, but to adopt the tactic of calmly observing the enemy’s actions first. When one of the multiple enemies is isolated, immediately jump out of the cover and use Assault Boost (アサルトブースト) to close the distance in one go. A rhythmic battle like this is also the inspiration of “Mercator VI”.

In addition, in “Machine Warfare VI”, you can also use the scanning function to conduct reconnaissance. This is different from the scanning mode of “Machine Warfare V”, and it seems that it will not make the player unable to attack, but in this game demonstration, there is no detailed explanation for this part.

In this game demo, this scanning function is often used, and the tactic of assaulting before being discovered by the enemy is very effective. Although it may be that due to the different modification strategies of the players, the machine cannot be turned on to scan or cannot be used frequently, but it seems that it can be said to be an indispensable function in the strategy game.

After continuing to advance for a certain distance, encountering a scene with a large group of enemies ambushing, here is also not a direct attack, but a combat method that carefully observes the enemy’s actions to formulate a strategy. But since there is no way to directly attack from a position where you can observe the enemy, you can only close the distance and launch a close combat… As a result, it was defeated by the enemy within two or three hits, but the producer Ogura explained that you can restart the game from the previous save point and immediately challenge again. In addition, when restarting the game, you can also change the parts composition of your own body.

And in “Machine Wars Mercenary VI”, just like the previous series, you can freely change the body parts such as the head, body, wrist, and feet, as well as internal parts related to power. Weapons can be equipped in four parts: hands and shoulders, and the two types of handheld weapons are shooting and fighting, which are the same as the previous series. So here, the tactic of changing the legs to inverse-joint type parts and using mobility to play with the enemy is adopted.

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In addition, it also introduces an element called “Shock (スタッガー)” in “Machine Wars Mercenary VI”. Shock is an element that can accumulate impact damage through attacks, and as long as it reaches a certain value, it can make the enemy unable to move. Launching an attack in this state will constitute a shock combo, dealing a major blow to the enemy. When facing a strong enemy as an opponent, it must be actively triggered. How to make the enemy fall into a state of being unable to act will determine the key to victory or defeat.

In fact, in the game demonstration, the strategy of unilaterally inflicting damage on the enemy was successfully revenged by making the enemy unable to move. That is to say, when choosing to use weapons, you must consider what weapons should be used to trigger shock and what weapons should be used to cause damage. Conceiving the composition of weapons like this is also one of the fun of this game.

There will be bosses waiting for the player at the end of the mission, and there are all kinds of different types of bosses. Because facing the boss can also trigger the relationship of shock and awe, so try to trigger it as much as possible during the battle. Although the attack methods of the bosses are varied and powerful, each attack will have an action called omen. It seems that you should fight the boss repeatedly, learn its action mode during the battle, and choose the weapons and parts suitable for confrontation. Although the overall difficulty of the game was not mentioned in this promotional activity, just looking at the game demonstration process this time, I am afraid that the game balance is not a level that can be cleared directly without thinking. Just as the development policy of this work advocates, it is the difficulty that can give players a stronger sense of accomplishment.

“Mercenaries VI: Realm of Skyfire” Summer Game Festival Play Video 3

This work will be released in about two months, but no more detailed content information has been released yet. What parts and weapons does the game provide, and what kind of multiplayer game mode (combat mode) will be prepared, I believe that as long as it is a loyal player of the series, it must be very concerned. Now let us look forward to the information that will be released in the future while waiting for the game release date.

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