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Detailed explanation of difficult problems when upgrading Windows 11! Should original Win10 users upgrade to Win11?

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Detailed explanation of difficult problems when upgrading Windows 11! Should original Win10 users upgrade to Win11?

It’s Time to Upgrade to Windows 11

If you had asked me when Win11 was first launched, I would have 100% told you “don’t do it yet.” However, it has been almost two years since Win11 was launched (I can’t believe that time has passed so quickly!). Some stability and software support should be there but are not. Function settings and other issues have generally been resolved; currently Win10 has also stopped updating and is expected to end on October 14, 2025. Therefore, unless you have any applications that cannot be used with Win10, it is recommended to choose It’s a good day to upgrade your computer to Win11, and if you want to know how to upgrade, let’s continue reading.

Health check before upgrading Windows 11

Before upgrading to Win11, you must first confirm that the computer meets Microsoft’s official system requirements for upgrading: the most basic requirements are that the CPU must be 2018 Intel (8th generation) or AMD Ryzen (2nd generation) or above, and the system disk must use UEFI system partitioning. Turn on TPM 2.0.

Turn on TPM 2.0

If you want to update your old computer before 2018, you may need to open TPM 2.0 through the BIOS to upgrade painlessly. As for the opening method, each manufacturer has different methods, but they all lead to the same goal. Some brands hide the setting options very deeply, so searching for “motherboard brand + CPU brand + TPM 2.0 enabled” can provide helpful information.

Windows 11 installation helper

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If you are Win10 and want to upgrade to Win11, then downloading the official Windows 11 installation helper is definitely the best choice. The whole process is quite simple. Use the system administrator to execute the tool and press Execute → Accept and install → Restart immediately, and then be patient Just wait for the update to complete. Download Windows 11 (microsoft.com).

Reinstall or fresh install

You need to create a boot USB and refill it after booting. For details, you can refer to Microsoft’s official method.

Error code 0xc00000f0

The error code that is most likely to be encountered when updating is most likely caused by the software installed on the computer not being closed. Instead of checking one by one, it is better to use magic to close it all. Press Win+R on the keyboard (or directly use search) and enter msconfig to open the system settings.

Real thoughts after upgrading to Windows 11

After multiple version updates, some of the originally criticized problems of Win11, as well as the useful functions that are only available in Win10, have been solved and returned. Most software and games even directly support Win11, without even reinstalling or updating. I thought there would be a period of pain, but after using it for 10 minutes, I got used to it. The overall operation is mostly intuitive and easy to use.

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