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Let Google Pixel and Google Photos leave beautiful records for the Spring Festival holiday | T Kebang

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Let Google Pixel and Google Photos leave beautiful records for the Spring Festival holiday | T Kebang

To welcome the long-lost relatives and friends reunion and the Spring Festival outing, Google has sorted out the three photography secrets of Google Pixel and the usage skills of Google Photos, sharing how to leave clear and moving records for the wonderful time spent with relatives and friends,And organize those precious memories captured on vacation more efficiently.

Use “Fix Blur” to remedy jitter and shaking errors, and restore a clear picture

During the Spring Festival, the group photos of outings or dinners are the time to leave important memories.I am most afraid of shooting mistakes caused by careless shaking during shooting,This affects the clarity of the photo. For photos that are shaken out of focus, the Pixel 7 series can use the unique “Fix Blur” function toHelp users identify whether a photo is blurry or out of focus,No matter what brand of device the photo was taken with, it can be remedied and repaired,Make photos clearer.

This feature is also suitable for old photos with a sense of the times. During the Spring Festival,If you have a family photo album that you have cherished for many years,Try taking some old photos and bringing them back to life by fixing blur.Relive the precious memories and stories of that time with your loved ones and friends.

Enhance facial light through “portrait lighting” to create a good Chinese New Year complexion

When you travel during the Spring Festival, in addition to taking pictures of beautiful scenery,I also want to take personal photos full of good looks for myself and my relatives and friends.However, the light conditions of different scenes will be affected by the location, weather or time at that time.The effect presented by the portrait will also be different. When the shooting location is slightly away from the sun,Or in shadows with insufficient light, you can further use “Portrait Lighting”,Fill yourself with light.

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Portrait lighting allows you to choose the position and brightness by yourself to supplement the light source for portraits.In addition to making the face brighter, you can also move and adjust the position of different light sources,Make the contour lines more three-dimensional and create a good complexion.

Let Google Pixel and Google Photos leave beautiful records for the Spring Festival holiday

Make good use of the “Magic Eraser” to remove messy distractions in the background

Traveling during the Spring Festival, especially in popular tourist spots with a lot of people,Taking a single photo with a clean background is the most common problem people face when taking photos.When there are passers-by or sundries in the background of the photos taken, Google launched the “Magic Eraser” function on the Pixel 6 and 7 series,Can help you easily retouch these interfering objects.

Through the self-developed Tensor chip, Google can support more real-time machine learning operations,Quickly spot distracting clutter in the background of your photos.You can remove these redundant objects through system suggestions or directly edit photos.When the interference is not suitable for direct elimination, you can also use “fusion”function to adjust the object color, so that the color of these abrupt objects is closer to the background tone,Return the visual focus to the characters in the picture.

Let Google Pixel and Google Photos leave beautiful records for the Spring Festival holiday

During the Spring Festival, with the increase of family and friends reunions and outings,The types of content that everyone shoots with their mobile phones will also be more abundant.Whether it’s a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner, visiting relatives and friends who haven’t seen for a long time,Food and scenery when traveling, festive decorations at home, and children and pets,Both are common photo subjects during the festival. Next, Google would like to share with you a few tips on using Google Photos to organize these precious memories in a more convenient and fast way.

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Add festive flair to memories with New Year-themed art collages

When sharing photos, many people will use photo collages,Share these life moments with friends and family. Google Photos also offers different art collage templates to bring memories to life.To welcome the new year, Google has launched a new year theme designed by Australian visual designer DABSMYLA and watercolor artist Yao Cheng Design, making memories more festive.

In addition, you can also use the photo frame mode to display the album content on the Google Nest Hub (2nd generation) smart screen,Directly through the screen to friends and relatives who visit at home during the Spring Festival,Show off those big moments.

Let Google Pixel and Google Photos leave beautiful records for the Spring Festival holiday

Create a “Shared Album” to easily share and edit beautiful memories with friends and family

Greet relatives and friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time, I believe everyone can’t wait to take out their mobile phones,Record rare party moments. You can create shared albums,Invite family and friends to edit together,Upload the photos or videos they have taken to the shared album,Save the time you used to need to select and send photos to each other. Simultaneously,You can also further protect your privacy through the “Shared Album Settings”,Make only certain people you share with be able to browse the contents of the album or add photos.

Make good use of the “Search” function to sort memories into categories

The “Search” function in Google Photos can help you find among many photos,Quickly find photo and video content on a specific topic,Save the time of manual browsing and selection in the past. Through different keywords, such as people,pets, food, animals, sun, grass, flowers, etc.,The system can quickly find photos that match the theme.You can also further classify photos with tags,Automatically organize related photos into the same album, or through “Add Location Information”To record the location where the photos were taken, and organize the photos taken at the same location,For future review.

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Let Google Pixel and Google Photos leave beautiful records for the Spring Festival holiday

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