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Turn off these 6 settings to remove the most annoying ads in Windows 11 | Computer King Ada

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Turn off these 6 settings to remove the most annoying ads in Windows 11 | Computer King Ada

Windows 11 Ads Getting Out of Hand? Here’s How to Turn Them Off

If you are a Windows user like me, you may have noticed an increase in advertisements throughout the Windows 11 operating system. While the new features in Windows 11 are appreciated, the influx of ads can be quite annoying and affect the overall user experience. Microsoft has been pushing their services through various channels, resulting in ads popping up in places where they didn’t exist before.

If you’re tired of being bombarded with ads on your Windows 11 device, here are 6 settings you can adjust to reduce the occurrence of these unwanted promotions:

1. Turn off promotion prompts in the start menu: To disable recommended app prompts in the Start menu, go to Settings -> Personalization -> Start and turn off “Show suggestions for tips, shortcuts, new apps, etc.”

2. Disable tips and suggestions on the lock screen: Switch to a picture or slideshow on your lock screen by going to Settings -> Personalization -> Lock Screen and personalizing your lock screen.

3. Turn off ad settings in notifications: In the Settings app, navigate to System -> Notifications and uncheck options that display new features and suggestions.

4. Disable suggested content in settings: Head to Settings -> Privacy & Security -> General and turn off suggested content in the Settings app.

5. Turn off ads in File Explorer: Disable ads for OneDrive and Office in File Explorer by accessing the Options menu and unchecking “Show sync provider notifications.”

6. Disable personalized advertising function: In Settings -> Privacy & Security -> General, turn off the switch for “Let apps use my advertising ID to show personalized ads.”

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By making these adjustments, you can take control of the ads that appear on your Windows 11 device and have a more streamlined and ad-free experience. While third-party applications are available to disable Windows ads, manual control allows you to choose which ads to keep and which ones to turn off. Take back control of your Windows 11 experience and enjoy a more ad-free environment.

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