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Middle East Hot! Biden Threatens to Retaliate against Jordanian Attack, Iran Responds

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Middle East Hot!  Biden Threatens to Retaliate against Jordanian Attack, Iran Responds

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The situation in the Middle East is getting hotter. In the midst of Israel’s attacks on Gaza, Palestine, and the anger of Iran’s proxies in the war – including Houthi attacks on shipping vessels in the Red Sea – a new threat emerged from tensions between the United States (US) and Iran.

This is the impact of the attack on the US military base Tower 22, in Jordan, which killed three people, Sunday. The US previously held Iran responsible, especially for providing weapons to Iranian proxies.



Yesterday, US President Joe Biden confirmed that he had decided to respond to the deadly drone attack. Even though the form is not revealed, revenge has been planned.

This also brought comments from Iran. The country’s general said every “threat will be answered”.

“We heard threats coming from American officials,” Iranian media agency quoted Major General Hossein Salami as saying. Tasnimreported RTThursday (1/2/2024).

“We told them they had tested us… no threat had gone unanswered,” he stressed.

He emphasized that Iran actually does not want war. However, according to him, the country is not afraid of war.

“We don’t want war, but we are also not afraid of war,” added the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary military, the IRGC.

The same thing was said by Iran’s envoy to the UN, Amir Saeid Iravani. He issued a similar warning on Tuesday evening.

“The Islamic Republic will firmly respond to any attack on the region, its interests and its citizens under any pretext,” Iravani said, according to the Iranian news agency, IRNA.

It should be noted that Tehran denies masterminding the fatal attack on US troops in Jordan. Although Iran arms and trains many Shia militias in Iraq and Syria, Iran’s Foreign Ministry said that these groups “do not take orders from the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

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“These groups decide and act based on their own principles and priorities as well as the interests of their country and people,” a ministry spokesman said Monday.

The militant group has launched more than 150 attacks on US bases in the Middle East in recent months, but Sunday’s incident marked the first time American troops in the region were confirmed killed by enemy fire since the Israel-Hamas war began in October.

[Gambas:Video CNBC]

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